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Thread: Baby Size at 27 weeks??

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    Default Baby Size at 27 weeks??

    Hi everybody,

    On Thursday I had an US (in the OB's office) and she told me that bubs is measuring at about 1300 grams and that this was fine. Me being the ever worrier had a surf and sure enough most baby sites say that the average weight for a baby of 27 weeks is 875 grams. I was hoping against hope that this one wasnt going to be a whopper (both of the others have been over 10 lbs) as I have only gained 2 kilos. Any ideas??


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    Honestly i would not worry too much as one of my friends had a scan causeher dr thought she was too small. She had her scan at 37 weeks and they told her that her that her baby was about 7pound already so nothing else was said and when her daughter was born at 39 weeks she only weighed 6 pound 13 so i don't think that they can be accurate.

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