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Thread: Baby's Gender

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    allyfield Guest

    Default Baby's Gender

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the ring over the belly test and got any results?

    Also I am looking for the chinese chart to determine baby's gender?

    Any informantion would help.


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    allyfield Guest


    Thanks Kate

    Have you tried it with no 2 baby.

    My no 2 baby is due 23rd october.

    Do you know where I can find a copy of the Chinese Gender Prediction chart?


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    sonsangel Guest


    I can give you a link for the chinese prediction chart, but can't pm you for some reason.

    I haven't done the ring over the belly test this time round.

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    Ally, if you google 'chinese gender prediction chart' you should find some links!

    It was correct for me last pg, but not this time (if the sonographer is right!)

    I've never tried the ring over the belly thing.


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    sonsangel Guest


    I was just looking into the platinum membership. There has been a few times where I have tried to pm someone and it hasn't worked.
    I just want the membership for the avatar, hehe.

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    sonsangel Guest


    haha, just kidding, yes and the secret forums.

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