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Thread: babys surname..

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    jelliebean Guest


    we are not married either but, our two kids have my partners surname.... and this one will too..... i just think it is a mark of respect to the dad if his kids have his name....

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    baby4 Guest


    i think you should give your baby the fathers last name. i have children with different last names and im glad they do because thats there dad no matter what i think of him and in your case it would be even stranger to be with your man and in love with him and not give your baby his last name
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    Huni, do you plan to ever get married?

    If so then I'd take his surname for the baby, but if unsure in anyway, then have yours.

    Hope I haven't offended.

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    Just for something different - I have friends who have 4 boys. The first and third have her name and the second and forth have his name. I think that it is going to cause great confusion but they are really happy with it and say that they haven't had any troubles at school or anything like that.

    Personally I will never change my name but will be quite happy to use DP's surname for the kiddies (even though I like mine better). He refers to me as his wife now and a lot of people know me as Mrs so I think I have probably taken the name by proxy if not in reality.


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    Just to throw another option into the ring....
    DH and I have been married 11 years (married at 20 while still students - crazy!) and I always retained my maiden name. From day one I said I wanted our kids to have my surname (my dad died when I was 9 and I am an only child, and in my DH's family there are plenty of people to carry on his name). To which my DH fantastically agreed. Now I am pg the agreement still stands - DH is totally unfazed by the concept - in his eyes passing on your name does not a father make. Strange thing for him will be that he will be the stay at home dad - he will probably be confused for the nanny (or "manny", as the case may be)!!

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    *TamaraP* Guest


    We are married but my name is hyphenated.

    Bubs when we get pregnant will take on Alan's name.

    To me its tradition (old hag here )...
    So I can carry on some sort of legacy of my last name. One child's middle name will be Stroud. That way, when the child is older enough and they have children, they can do the same thing.

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