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Thread: Back pain at 6 weeks?

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    sb1976 Guest

    Default Back pain at 6 weeks?

    Is it normal to have back pain so early on???

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    babyforme Guest


    I'm not sure if it's normal but i have it too. Could it be from dehydration and its your kidneys hurting? I'm not sure!

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    I think it can be normal, I knew I was pg early on with DS2 because of the back pain! I was about 4 weeks then.

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    megaminz Guest


    oh good its not just me.

    I was waiting for a ride this morning and was getting an aching back and told myself to stop being so dramatic and a hyperchondriac....maybe I wasnt being one!

    does anyone else get af cramping still after af was well due??

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    Megaminz- I get cramping to and I am 6weeks pregnant. The doctor told me it is my uterus stretching. The back pain can also be related to this and dehydration as well. Hope everyone is going well with their lil bumps!

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    Clare Gordon Guest


    Absolutely it can be normal to get back pain so early on. Most of the changes in your body happen in the first trimester (which is why it is also the trimester that makes you most tired!). Your hormones are changing rapidly which start allowing for the laxity of your ligaments. As they start changing so too does your pelvis (even though you may not be showing or thinking thats it changing!).

    The other reason can be due to the fact that before you even became pregnant, you may have been holding onto some compensation in your back or pelvis (which would have eventually become painful) and the pregnancy has exaccerbated it leading to pain.

    All of these reasons can be easily treated - but the main point is to let you know that you are not abnormal..... and more importantly, that just because you are feeling back pain so early on that it will necessarily become worse later in the pregnancy!

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