thread: Back pain during ultrasounds

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    Nov 2008

    Back pain during ultrasounds

    Anyone else experience back pain during ultrasounds? Any advice on how to minimise the discomfort?

    I have to have ultrasounds every week now to check on my baby's progress. The last ultrasound I had only lasted about 15 or so minutes but I was in agony by the end. The minute I stood up and walked around the pain went but it was an extremely uncomfortable experience. Im not looking forward to the next scan on tuesday.

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    Nov 2008

    What a bugger! I suffer from a bad back and it's already giving me grief during pregnancy but I haven't had a problem with my scans. I'd mention it to the sonographer next time hon, before they start. They may be able to position you differently to help alleviate the pain. Good luck

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    May 2008
    camden, NSW

    I had this during my last ultrasound, i was 32 weeks and was dealing with it without saying anything until it got to bad, the technician raised the head of the bed a bit for me and the pain stopped. I think if your lieing flat, you back arches and thats where the pain comes from, if the beds a bit raised it causes your spine the straighten and puts your weight into a different spot.

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    Sep 2008
    In a cloud of madness.

    I had to ask for breaks during my u/s when the pain got too bad. the sonographer was really helpful about this

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    Aug 2004

    Yep - the head raising normally works, otherwise a low pillow under the arch of your back or even your feet raised a little helps

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    Feb 2009

    I had to get us every week from 28w with Haz, and will probably be the same with this one due to my anti-e. It wasn't so much the back pain but it made me feel sooooooo sick. It was restricting the blood flow and I was getting horrible hypotension from it. When bub started to engage, it made it way easier because I could lay on my left side without it obstructing anything - they were checking bloodflow through the brain. Ask if there is anyway they can do the US with you on your left side - its the best position for a heavily pregnant woman anyway.

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    Nov 2008

    Had another ultrasound this morning, luckily it was relatively quick, because once again my back started hurting. The technician doing the ultrasound wasnt the most gentle, she kept pushing and prodding to get my stubborn little girl to move into a better position, but at least she was quick. She did suggest if it got to painful she would stop let me go for a quick walk and start again. I will try to see if they can tilt the bed slightly to raise my head a bit next time.