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Thread: Bad bed - Bad for baby?

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    Default Bad bed - Bad for baby?

    Hi guys,

    DH and I are house sitting at the moment whilst some very badly timed reno's are happening at home.

    First night last night and it appears the bed is very very bad - it's hard and has pokey out springs and I was wondering - is a bad bed bad for unborn baby?

    I spent the night tossing and turning trying to find a section that was flat and woke up with abdomen pain and and very sore lower back - Bubs woke up at about 4am and wriggled around as if he was trying to find a comfy spot also. My sides are aching and I'm worried that in all my position changing I've twisted something out of place.

    I think tonight I will place a doona over the bed and sleep between two doonas and see if that helps - but I have three weeks of this house sitting and don't want to spend the whole time paranoid that this stupid bed is going to hurt the baby.

    Any thoughts anyone?

    thanks, Em.

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    Nah, bubs will be fine. Remember there is heaps of fluid surrounding the baby and his/her moving alot at 4am may have been in response to you tossing and turning, but not that you were hurting bubs IYKWIM? The bed will be hard for you and is probably making you feel a bit sore. Can you possibly take your mattress over and put on that bed? If you have another three weeks of it it would be worthwhile.

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    Hmmm, I agree with Sherieb...if you're there for three weeks then it's definately worth lugging your mattress accross. If this is too hard, then I suggest the floor (unless it's concrete or something!Surely a straight back is better than a wonky one?!!
    Or turn the mattress...maybe it's never been turned and the other side is AWESOME!!! Probaby not though, eh? Can you take the cushions off the couch and sleep on them?
    Sleep well my friend!

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    Or even buy a cheap inflateable mattress for the floor or even ontop of the bed.

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