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Thread: Balwyn Birth Sessions (VIC) - Would You Go?

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    Default Balwyn Birth Sessions (VIC) - Would You Go?

    Dear all,

    I've been speaking to those involved with Choices for Childbirth of late and have put my hand up to help bring sessions to the Eastern suburbs - currently they are held in South Yarra and Brunswick, with another starting in Geelong very soon. Below are a list of topics and they work in cycles, one session a week - you can go to a whole cycle or choose one or more individually. So, I was hoping to do a bit of market research and see if anyone would be interested in attending the below sessions should they be held in Balwyn.

    These are more than just the three stages of labour which you will learn at hospital ante-natal classes. This is all the stuff they don't tell you about birth and provide you with a range of options (by that I don't mean hospital birth, birth centre, homebirth) but actual options to do with the birth and your rights. If you are aiming for a normal, natural birth as possible, they are a must. But they are not just for those who want a natural birth. If you want more than what they offer at hospital classes, you need to go to Choices! They are brilliant and very affordable, I really hope to see them branch out to many locations so more women can access it! Have a read and let me know your thoughts, there is more info here:

    topic outlines

    1 The Ins and Outs of birth
    Labour, birth and diversions from 'normal'

    2 Natural birth is it possible?
    Gain understanding to support your birthing potential

    3 Home birth (opt. extra - not part of normal cycle)
    Accurate info for you to consider this option

    4 Supporting your partner
    Preparing partners to be a positive labour support

    5 Labour Pain
    Understand pain dynamics and how to prepare for them

    6 Breastfeeding
    Getting the right start with confidence

    7 Sleeping Soundly
    Birth to 3 months with a settled, happy baby

    8 Vaginal Birth after Caesarean (opt. extra not part of normal cycle)
    Accurate and empowering info for the birth you want

    our presenters
    Our presenters will provide accurate information based on current research. They include midwives in private practice, childbirth educators and lactation consultants. Rhea Dempsey speaks at Natural Birth and Labour Pain.

    Full Cycle
    (6 sessions for the price of 5)
    $175/$100 (conc.) per couple

    Individual Sessions
    $35/$20 (conc.) per couple
    $25/$10 (conc.) single
    $10 midwifery students (num. permitting)
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