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Thread: Baths whilst PG

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    Melinda Guest

    Default Baths whilst PG

    Is it safe to have a bath whilst PG? I know that spas are out of the question due to the heat of them, but are baths in the same category? I like my baths fairly warm!!

    Last PG I didn't have a bath until when I was labour (don't worry, I showered daily LOL!) but this time around it's different. It's part of our evening routine for one of us to have a bath with Jacob most nights of the week and I don't much fancy having to have a coolish one (nor would Jacob I bet LOL!). If they're out of the question that DH will have to have them with him each night I guess.

    Any advice?

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    I think it depends on the temperature of the bath, if its regular "bathing" temperature I'm sure it fine, so long as its not raising your temperature iykwim?

    I've had baths in both pregnancies and been fine.


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    It is fine as long as the water doesn't leave your skin red. If it does then it is too hot.


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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest


    @ 6 months pregnant to date I have no choice but to have a bath.

    We have a shower, but our hot water is gravity fed, so basically if you want a shower it's either scalding or cold.

    Cos of the heat lately a cold shower in the arvo has been wonderful, but way too cold for a morning clean.

    With any luck we're moving next week ... I can't wait to have a shower! It's getting ridiculous to get in and out of the bath everyday ... drives me mad!

    But def. as long as it's not too hot there shouldn't be any harm

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    DoubleK Guest


    i have been wondering about this for a while actually, i often feel like climbing into a nice warm bath, but im worried i might have it too hot..

    Baby_Crazy05, i often find it difficult trying to get up from the couch or out of the car.. i couldn't imagine having to have a bath every single day!!


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    HI there - I still have a spa - aslong as your boddy temp doesn't get above 38 degrees. and you only have the bubbles on the top of you

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    I had a bath and checked the temp (with my BBT) wasn't higher than 38 degrees - 37 is normal body temp and is still fairly warmish - even for Jacob.

    I have been in spa too but only 35 degrees or much less - and no bubbles underneath either -

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    All the girls are correct. Also you should not have a bath if your waters have broken

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