thread: BEWARE - Awkward morning sickness moments

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    Apr 2008

    BEWARE - Awkward morning sickness moments

    Warning - Don't read if you have a weak stomach.

    I had a shocker this morning and it got me thinking, I wonder what other awkward experiences other women have had with morning sickness?

    This morning, I was driving to work in our small car (not the car I usually drive), it smelt funny and MS came over me. I had no where to spew except into my lovely scarf ......luckily I could remove it from my work outfit.

    When I was pregnant with DD, I can clearly remember driving out of my street and having a power spew all over the dash and stereo of my car! I cried, turned the car around and walked in the house in tears, telling DH that I had thrown up and that he would have to clean it up as it was everywhere. Didnt end up going to work that day.

    I can also remember throwing u in a bucket in my storeroom at work (am a teacher) and couldnt exactly leave the room to throw up everytime the urge came over me.

    So am wondering, what awkward MS experiences have you had?

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    May 2008
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    Well I threw up out the door of our moving car outside the local primary school.. At the exact moment that the school bell rang and I had parent abusing me for throwing up in the gutter as Dh slowed the car down. (with DD2)
    I threw up out the back of work, within customer earshot cause I just wasnt quick enough. (with DD1)
    Many many many times I have lost my stomach contents whilst driving, so many times along the side of the highway.

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    Sep 2011

    I didn't so much as spew, but fainted on a packed train on the way to work. It was so overcrowded and had been late, because another passenger had seizures earlier in the journey. I think I pushed some guy out of the way, on my way down and hit my head. Thing was, when I wake up from fainting, I always think I'm at home in bed, before realising that hang on, I'm on the floor,...of a fricking train and people are staring at me. I think I was 12 weeks pregnant. Some woman was yelling at me, cos you know, I must be deaf
    I also remember seeing another woman have to get off the train in the morning to spew. Poor thing.

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    Sep 2008
    In a cloud of madness.

    I've thrown up in the car (I started driving with a bowl in my lap), in the bin at my desk, at the servo right next to the petrol bowser, sides of the road, at a restaurant after craving that food. Ah the joys...

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    Jul 2009

    My most awkward moment was serving a customer and had the biggest wave of nausea, i tried to hold it in but i was dry heaving so much i threw up in my hands and just ran to the back of my store, barely made it through the warehouse doors before it sprayed everywhere. Proceeded to vomit continuously on the floor for about 10 mins before i could move to the toilets where i spent an hour unable to move without vomiting. I still don't even know who finished the transaction i was in the middle of!

    I've done the side of the road, walking to and from the bus stop and the shops. I've had to make sudden dashes to public toilets.

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    Jun 2010
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    I was very lucky while pregnant, I only had one public vomit!

    I found that orange juice in the mornings made me feel better, so that day I'd had 600ml before work. Then I was sitting at my desk (thankfully I had an office) when the familiar big wave of nausea came over me. Only this time it didn't go away. It happened really fast, I couldn't go anywhere, so I thought I could just catch it in my hands.

    Nope. It was huge. A big wave of orange juice that completely covered my desk and me. I was only 6 or 7 weeks and no-one knew I was pregnant so I used the last of my tissues to clean what I could, then had to ask for help. It was so embarrassing but thankfully the woman I found to help was so understanding and wonderful, and I suspect she guessed the reason then & there. I blamed a migraine lol, then raced home to get changed.

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    Mar 2006

    I'm a midwife and I ended up having a woman's husband holding a bucket for me while I vomited as ttheir baby was being born. Lucky I am a talented multi-tasker. That was so embarrassing!!! Couldn't stop apologising for that one - I even brought them a box of chocolates.

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    Nov 2011
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    ummm...... I have no stories.... but think I need to get a bucket for my car...... just in case....

    and maybe some spew bags for my desk drawer, and my handbag as well.....

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    Jan 2008

    Oh at the park once. I was pushing dd2 on the swing. She fell off. I ran and bent over too quickly, I was barely holding it together when I turned her around to check her face was ok and it was covered in sand! I proceeded to vomit none stop of about ten minutes. Both dd1 and dd2 asking me if I was ok!

    Funny note, we rode past that park a few weeks ago and dd1 pipes up at tells everyone 'why did you throw up here again mum?' the kid has a memory like a steal trap. It was FOUR years ago and she was only FOUR! But no no lets explain to my mum, dad, DH, dd2 and ds why I vomited here

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    Jul 2009

    Tegam - That reminds me of the time i was bathing DD and the smell of her bath wash made me feel really funny, i had no time to get to the toilet and had the bucket i use to wet her hair in my hand and just proceeded to vomit in it. A few days later my mum came over while she was in the bath and she grabbed the bucket (i had washed and disinfected it) and started making vomiting noises! thankfully my mum thought she was being silly

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    Apr 2009
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    I had a bad one about a week ago driving home from my parents house after dinner. I threw up in my lap whilst driving through a round-a-bout.

    Also last night wasn't ideal - I didn't quite get the lid on the toilet up in time and power chucked all over the wall/toilet/window DH came in once I was finally throwing up in the toilet and I couldn't even get the words out, I just pulled the lid down to show him the spew everywhere. He laughed and said Arrrgghhhh if I got a dollar for every time ive done that. Hahaha!!!!

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    Mar 2006

    In a meeting. Lucky for me that
    a) the person was a nurse as well
    b) Had guessed I was pregnant

    I also threw up at PA. Still noone there knows...

    I carry sick bags with me EVERYWHERE. Even now!

    Dan - yours takes the cake hon

    I have a friend who is also a nurse and she was showering a patient and chucking in the basin at the same time.

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    May 2007
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    This thread has just made me purchase some travel sick bags off eBay. Should be here Friday

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    Apr 2006

    I had a Mazda MX5 when I was pregnant with DD1 and frequently drove to work with the roof down - came in handy some days!

    With DD2 I was at our local food market on an extremely packed Christmas Eve picking up the pork, turkey and ham. My lovely butcher had just given me a ham bag - which came to very good use ;-)

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    Sep 2007

    Oh so many.

    Walking through woolies carpark... it just kinda came out. I stayed outside & sent ex in. The checkout chick asked if I was ok. Proof that everyone inside had seen it

    On the side of the road, numerous times. Pacific Highway, heavy traffic. Awesome sight for them I'm sure

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    Nov 2010
    Perth, WA

    Best one I had was while pregnant with DS - DH and I were *ahem* doing the deed, I was on top and we'd just finished when the nausea kicked in, I swallowed a couple of times to try and control it but no, jumped off dashed to the loo and only just made it before hurling

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    Jul 2009

    With DD I threw up in the biscuit barrel at work. I also fainted halfway through a Brazilian wax

    This time around I have thrown up all over the lounge room while trying to tell DD that "mama is so proud you did poos in the potty!" lol

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    Jul 2008
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    when preg with DJ
    - had an early start had a banana before work and got a can of coke when i got to work. i *just* made it to the loo before spewing thanks to the smell of the seafood highlighter/crab slaid stuff.
    - serveing a customer (worked in the deli) i picked up fresh water trout (which has no scales just slime) and litterly dropped the fish/bag and RAN away and threw up. came back another customer (male) told me off for working telling me how i was going to make every one sick blah blah and how gastro was contaguis and all...kinda changed his tune when i told him he was male and if he could catch pregnancy off me well im sure thats a mirical.

    With Vic not so much other then holding in spew from the inlaws all the way home and spewing up the dinner MIL had made for me all over the front garden...