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Thread: BFP and now feel left alone

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    Default BFP and now feel left alone

    We got our first BFP yesterday with a HPT. I was 4 days late (see conception thread) and BFP came up within 30 seconds.

    I have just gotten back from my doctor and feel crappy now.

    Firstly he said that because i had my blood work done in July (rubella etc) it would not be necessary for another BT and that the HPT was very dark so was happy with that so no other HPT done in the surgery.

    I've pretty much left my doctor this morning with a referral and that is all.
    He checked my blood pressure, lung sounds and that was all. Asked my LMP but didn't tell me an expected DD or anything. I don't know if he just assumed I would have already worked that out or what.

    He said i'd see my OBG around end of January and the OBG will let me know if he wants another BT done. I feel like i've just been left alone from now till my OBG appointment to fend for myself in completely unchartered waters!!

    This is my first PG and I thought I would have gotten a little more guidance and reassurance than that. What did everyone else get or experience during their first Doctor appointment for confirmation of PG.

    I asked if I should just have a BT to confirm the pregnancy before we told people but he said not necessary. I don't know if he said that because he knows i hate BT's or what. He said does not advise telling anyone till around 10 weeks but he didn't even confirm when that would be. I'm assuming just off the DD calculator that I'm due end of August so i'd only be 4 weeks 3 days or something like that.

    What on earth am I supposed to do now???

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    First of all, congratulations!!!

    It is all very daunting at the start isn't it?! I pretty much had the same thing happen with my first pregnancy, I didn't have a blood test either and just got referred to my hospital of choice and had to wait for my first appointment at 10 weeks. I felt the same as you, a bit lost in the meantime! I often wondered if I REALLY was pregnant! (Until the morning sickness kicked in at 5 weeks, then I knew ).

    You should be able to work out your EDD from the BellyBelly due date calculator, it sounds like you may have already done this? Go get yourself a ticker to help it all feel real!

    BellyBelly is a great place to get the information and support you need in the meantime, but are you happy to tell people who are close to you? We told our parents straight away so that we had some support behind us as well as being able to share our excitement with someone. We told everyone else when we were about 10 weeks. Speaking to someone who has BTDT will probably help you.

    So, what are you supposed to do??? Relax, enjoy, read up lots about your exciting journey ahead!

    I wish you a really happy & healthy pregnancy


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    yes, funny thing that - you kinda expect so much more dont you?!

    All there really is to do is to be happy and sit back and wait!

    But if you want to have BT's go back to the doc and tell them.

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    I felt exactly the same as you after my first appointment... and to tell the truth... still feel like I am on my own sometimes... except that I have BB!!

    Anyway, my biggest piece of advice it to breath.

    Most Drs don't do BT to confirm pregnancies, that HPT is often enough. I chose to tell only my very close family till after my 12 w scan, and then told everyone.

    Do you have an OBG picked out? Just call their office and let them know you are pg and they will guide you from there. My OB's receptionist asked my LMP dates and gave me an EDD and said organised an appt... Your OBG will probably redo all the blood work that your GP did, but they need to find out the info for themselves. And your OBG will do your hospital booking and stuff... I would assume you will them go into monthly appts with them, and they will monitor you. (well that is how I do it).

    After making my first OB appt I just sat back and waited for that, and used BB for any Q's I had.... I did ring my OB's office once for an issue and the helped me out there too.

    Good luck hun!


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    Isn't it a weird feeling? I guess that on the one hand, your doc is showing you that its a 'natural' part of life. Pregnancy isn't a sickness!

    Depending on where you are, the hospital of your choice can get booked out fairly quickly.

    Work out which hossy you want, and then which OB. OBs seem to work out of certain hospitals only - the OB referal can be transferred to the OB you want not a problem. And the OB can give you a lot of info - as does this website!

    Enjoy this time and I hope the m/s isn't bad for you. Snuggle!

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    Firstly YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    Secondly - my story is different as we had angel babies, so I don't want to give you too much there, to stress you out. I just wanted to say that take it easy, read as much as you can, so you know what is going on in your body and ask any questions here. BB is always my first port of call, and usually don't need to go anywhere else!

    As far as telling people, we told very close friends and family first time round... that got out to the entire world after it was too late, so second time we only told parents and my BF... which was great as we knew that we'd need support if something was to happen... Third time (my pg with DD) we saw a HB at 7 weeks as we were then under a specialist, and told the entire world at once! It is completely up to you guys whether to tell everyone or not, but in my experience tell a few close people as you need people to know so that they can help you pout and support you.

    NOW... Enjoy every minute of this before you start feeling crap!!! Just kidding... enjoy it all, even the bad bits are great. Not right then, but they are great... in just about 8 months your going to have this little bundle of joy to love and hold.... Nothing beats that.

    I have sooo rambled on here, and hope that I have helped at least a little...

    PS: we have had early scans with ours as my cylce is up that dirty creek with out a paddle, so I always needed scans to see how far along we were. If you feel like you need to see something real, go back to your GP in a few weeks and request BT or US, but by then you will most prob feel pg, and once you have that ticker you will definatley feel better....

    Gosh I ramble!

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    your OBG will do your hospital booking and stuff
    I actually had to do my own hossy booking, so I would check on this as you need to book early.

    But congratulations, and yes, your experience is normal. It does seem bizarre that that's all there is to it, but you'll get used to the idea. I ended up needing a scan for bleeding at 6 weeks so didn't have to wait the extra time for my first ob appt, but it wasn't until I'd seen the bub (well, flashing blob at that stage!) on the u/s that I really believed I was pg.

    Have a H&H pg.

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