thread: The Big DTD ???

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    Jul 2006
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    Wink The Big DTD ???

    Now question for you all...

    I have heard/read that people who want natural inducement are to try sex, because of the semen, it does something to the cervix making it better for labour to start...

    So one questions is, is the semen doing that all the way through ur preg?

    What positions at 26weeks are a definite no no? if any?

    And is it normal to have a few intense BH after the deed is finished?

    Thanks All I think i have more questions, i just forgot them lol :-)

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    Oct 2006

    Cass, sex is a natural induction method but it is mild so will only push u over the edge if your body is close and ready and won't do anything harmful if your not. The only time to keep away from it is if your waters have broken or u have a complication that makes it unsafe, in which case ur care provider would tell u to keep away from it!

    Any position u feel comfy in is good to go!! And yes the BH is normal! Female orgasm actually contracts ur uterus too so that is y it can sometimes hurt or ur stomach goes incredibly hard after one

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    Dec 2008

    Yes I'm pretty sure it's normal to feel BH after sex because the uterus contracts. I have heard that in order to induce labour from sex you should orgasm. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on that?

    As for positions, I'd just go for whatever is comfortable for you. I don't know of any that are a 'no no' but some are defo not do-able with a big belly lol.

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    Yep, sex is more of a "nudge" thing for labour, than a "inducing" thing. You have to be ready, and then sex can help just tip you over the edge.
    Orgasm causes oxytocin to be released in greater amounts. Oxytocin is the same as syntocin, which is one of the things used to induce/augment labour. Nipple stimulation releases the same hormone. It also triggers milk let-down, and uterine contractions, which is why you can get a let-down during sex after baby, and why you get after pains after delivery when you nurse. Oh, and braxton-hicks that are pretty hard, maybe even a little painful are normal after sex. No worries.
    Semen contains prostaglandins which help to ripen the cervix and begin the softening, dilating, and effacing. Apparently to have a "real" effect would take like a bucket load of semen, but every little bit can help when you're trying to start labour. Again, it won't trigger anything until your body is ready.
    As far as positions go - I don't think there are any no-no's. Just whatever is comfortable. Some positions may be more likely to allow air into the vagina, which can cause a slight risk of an embolism (or something like that), so you might want to avoid any position which does that (who needs that anyways!). Other than that - you should be all fine to do as you please, unless your doctor has given you specific restrictions, or your waters break.

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    Hi Cass_Blob
    Yes sex can induce labour but it will only happen if your body is ready to go into labour. There is a protein in semen that causes your uterus to contract.
    Sex if fine in any position that you feel comfortable with
    It is normal to have BH after sex.

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    Oh U girls (n Alan) are terrific :P

    I had that thought right after dtd last night and was getting intense BH thinking of cr*p, i better not have induced anything! (lol at the crazy irrational thoughts when your tired :P)

    Lol, i'm finding some positions a not able to even try now :P

    Cricket thanks hun