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    Just after some info. I've heard bio oil is good for preventing stretch marks, but it says it has viatamin A in it and it's up high in the ingredients list. I thought Vitamin A was a no no in excess.

    Has anyone come across information on this??


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    Hmm, I thought it was Vitamin A ingested that was the prob (like pate).
    I do know it doesn't seem to make the stretch marks disappear once they are there, and I have read that NOTHING prevents stretch marks except gaining weight slowly and not too much.
    Love to hear differently!

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    I heard that stretch marks are dependant on the individual persons skin, some people inherit good skin tone some dont. I never had stretch marks on the belly, only a few on the thighs, and my mum was the same. Would be interested to know if other people have followed their mum in this way?
    Never tried bio oil personally, i do apply body butters every day whether pg or not.

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    I was under the impression that Bio Oil only helped fade existing stretch marks, not prevent them from appearing.

    I agree with Cherry that if you're going to get them, you're going to get them. I was lucky and only got one small one with my DD. I was surprised because I actually already had some on my hips and breasts from puberty so thought I'd get them for sure.

    I've used Bio Oil on my lap scars to help fade them and it's done nothing. I personally wouldn't bother.

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    I was using the palmers cream for a lil while and noticed that I was already getting some red stretch marks on the tops of my thighs. SO I got recommended by another pg lady to try to bio oil and it has helped fade the new ones and I havent gotten any more.

    Rebecca - vitamin A in the oil does not affect you because it is not absorb right in to the blood stream and I am pretty sure that it said on the box its safe to use during prgncy..

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    I have used BIO OIl my whole pg and it hasnt stopped the stretchies unfortunately. As ther other girls said, if you are going to get them you will get them regardless of what you put on your skin. It is good to keep it moistuised as it strecthes thoguh to stop itching. Bio Oil does say it is mean to fade scars and stretchies so i will keep using it after baby arrives and let you know

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