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    Birth date

    [-o< Hi my name is Anna and I am due October 6th 2005. I had bleeding at the start of my pregnancy, vomitting etc etc the works. I am taking tablets for high blood pressure and also taking tablets for indigestion. I am now 26weeks pregnant and suffering from insomnia. I am still waiting for the moment when pregnancy is meant to get better and more enjoyable...hello!!

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    Anna, welcome to BB sweetie, hope the rest of your pregnancy is better.

    PS the whole glow thing and easy pregnancy skipped me totally!! O

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    Moved to Pregnancy General Discussion........

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    Feel free to join in the Belly Buddies - Due in October 2005 forum where you can chat to others who are due in October.

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    Welcome to Bellybelly and congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Another forum that you might like to take a look at is Medical Conditions & Medications, in particular High Blood Pressure Medication in Pregnancy where other members with high blood pressure chat and support each other.

    I too suffer from heartburn and have just started taking Zantac - man, is it a godsend!!

    Best wishes to you!!