thread: a bit gross - haemorroids

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    Feb 2005
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    a bit gross - haemorroids

    TMI i know, but just wondering if anyone has suffered from piles when pregnant.

    i have suffered through them for years now before pregnancy, and even been through 2 unsuccessful surgeries on them. Now i am 21 weeks pregnant and they are getting really bad. its scaring me.

    does anyone know if they keep getting worse throughout pregnancy? and i know labour is going to be agony anyway, but i am scared about the effect on this too. :-({|=

    sorry to go on, i hope someone is able to help with some info for me (not that i hope that they have been through this!!)



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    layla Guest

    Hi Linda,
    Don't worry, it's not TMI!
    I don't really suffer from them when not pg but with my last two babies I did get them really badly. I hate to tell you but as the pregnancy progresses the pressure can make them worse, plus your bowels slow everything down so constipation can be a problem, making the hemmy's worse. After the strain of a vaginal delivery on top of that, they can be quite bad. :mad:
    I think the key is prevention. This pregnancy I have made a huge effort not to get constipated or strain when doing a BM, and so far, no hemmy's! \/
    I guess as you are already having problems it might be hard to avoid them getting worse but they will get better after the birth, I promise! 8-[
    Does your Ob have any advice? I'm sure it's something they deal with all the time.
    Sorry I'm not much help, but you are definately not alone on this one.

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    Custardtart Guest

    Metamucil is my friend... never had this problem before, all of a sudden I have hemmys.


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    Feb 2005
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    thanks layla and kerrie,

    OBs advice was pretty much as you have said, plenty of fibre and water etc. he also said, yes it will get worse as pregnancy progresses. i guess the worst part is that i am SUPER diligent with the fibre and water, and i have actually had better BM than ever (sorry TMI). so i feel like nothing i do can prevent them. i guess it would be a lot worse if i was suffering from constipation as well!!

    i just hope like you said they will improve after. but probably not. apparently there is a different op they can do, but very painful, so will wait until i have had all the bubs first, then hopefully i can say goodbye to them for good!!


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    Apr 2003
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    I am another fibre and fluid devotee with good BM and have hemmys while pregnant!

    They are a bugger aren't they! #-o

    I hope that they don't get too bad for you and that the birth does not affect them too much.

    Big hugs from someone who sooooo knows where you are coming from!

    Best wishes

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    Feb 2005
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    thanks kelli,

    hope yours are better soon too!!!


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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I have never had any at all ever & pray i never do, my sister had them from givibng birth & has prob with them ever since, her brekky is always 12 prunes with Fibre plus or some other cereal!!!!

    Her OB actuially said worst she'd ever seen llike a 1kg bag of purp[le grapes? 8-[ Yuk hey!

    So um good luck!????

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    May 2004

    I have suffered from them a few times - NOT nice at all This is one thing that scares me about the months ahead, as they are just not nice, and really get me down because they are so uncomfortable.
    I plan to have metamucil every day or every second day, but totally expect to get them again and again - damn it #-o

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    Feb 2005
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    Another product to help constipation is psyllium husks... apparently they work better than metamucil and are perfectly safe thru pr. You can mix it with juice or into a smoothie. I had hemmys due to const for the past couple of weeks, but since taking this product both problems have gone away. Can you use anusol for the hemmys when pr?

    Good luck!

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    Feb 2005
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    1kg bag of grapes!!! OMG that is exactly how i feels, but i dont think mine really are quite that big - touch wood!

    Yep, tried psyllium husks, metamusil, prunes - you name it! the problem is that regardless of constipation they gat worse and worse.

    good luck apple i hope they stay away for you! Dee, yes you can use anusol and others during preg, but they dont make it go away unfortunately. they do provide a little bit of relief though,