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    Just posted this and it got wiped.

    Last night I went to the loo and had a streak of brown discharge on my knickers, when I wiped there was some bright red blood on the paper.
    I haven't had any cramps and bleeding stopped straight away.
    I went to GP this morning who checked everything out, cervix is closed, uterus measures right size for gestation and she could only see old blood.
    I had an u/s 2 weeks ago for the same thing, which showed a healthy 8w5d bub with HB of 170bpm.
    Should I still be worried, considering the bleeding has stopped, no pain/cramps, cervix closed and good HB.

    My back is aching and every twinge I get I am analyzing

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    Just moved your topic to General Pregnancy Discussion as you will most likely get more responses there.

    Please have a look HERE as there is a topic already running regarding bleeding in pregnancy with lots of personal experiences.

    Hope this helps!

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    Hope the bleeding settles down. I have heard that it is quite common for this to happen in pg. You did the right thing by going to your GP quick smart. Rest up and take care of yourself.


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    I hope it all calms down soon for you Clare, and you can put your mind at ease.


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    I would definitely rest as much as possible. Try to stay in bed for as much as the weekend as possible! I just know that my Dr said that to me early on, and I think we often forget to rest just because we feel we have enough energy and strength to keep going. Look after yourself xo

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    Clare just wanted to let you know that I had on and off bleeding from 8 weeks until 34 weeks. My OB could find no reason for it. It was just one of those things. Chances of M/C goes down after seeing HB, so my OB told me. Good luck and try to keep postive.

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    Clare, honey, Im sorry you're feeling worried, but I had that also, and they couldn't find any reason for it either.
    darl, try not to worry if you've seen Dr and HB was at 170bpm, which is good.

    Honey, try to relax, Im sure all will be ok. 4 u darlin'.

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    Thank you everyone for replying
    Have taken your advice and spent the last 2 days in bed, never watched so many DVD's in my life. DP going to football tomorrow so will have another quiet day.
    Haven't had anymore bleeding since the episode on thurs night, which I am now feeling very silly about stressing for. Everyone keeps asking "how many pads did you go through in an hour", hmmm not even one, "oh so you didn't bleed very much then"
    To which I reply "I don't know how much is a lot, I have never done this before, but I was bleeding and that is all that matters."
    Hit the 11 week mark today so feeling a bit more confident, especially considering the very sore BB's and m/s
    Thankyou again