thread: Bleeding miscarriage? How long to know

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    Mar 2008

    Bleeding miscarriage? How long to know

    Hi, Im on holiday's otherwise I'd just go to my doc's and we have sporadic internet so have tried reading up on this subject but cant find exactally what Im after.

    I am 5wks pregnant, needing to take anti inflam tablets which I cant take if pregnant I did a test just to be sure otherwise I wouldn't have thought I was and would have put this down to a late period!

    So I am 5wks pregnant and for the past 3 days have had light/moderate bleeding, bright red and a little pain/cramping but not much. I am aware that some people have 'breakthrough" bleeding etc when pregnant but I was just wondering if I am having a miscarriage how long does it take before the pregnancy test will be negative? Do I have to go to the doc's to find out via ultrasound if I am no longer pregnant?

    Thanking you in advance for any info/thoughts, I guess I am just hanging onto the hope that the little dude is hanging on in there /

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    Feb 2008
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    Alot of people bleed early in pregnancy and some doctors i know see it as a "normal" part of early pregnancy. It does neccesarily mean you are misscarrying. I had horrible cramps around this stage too but i had no bleeding so i do know cramps are normal. keep and eye on it and if it gets really heavy, your start passing clots or you are in alot of pain...... u need to get checked out. Even if you duck into emergency, they will probley give you a blood test to check your levels and mayb a scan too, to see where the bleeding is coming from and it check on bub. If you are unable to get there straight away, mayb ring the nurse on call and see what advice they can give.. the number is...1300 60 60 24

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    Mar 2008

    Thanks for such a quick reply, I was just about to log off... I don't want to go to E.R. as I know how busy they are and there is nothing they can do for me if I am m/c so I will wait and go to doc next week. I am reassured from the little I have read that many people have experienced bleeding and still gone on to have normal pregnancies so I will I guess just have to keep my fingers and toes tightly crossed until I can get a scan and see what's going on... I guess I just hate the not knowing!!! And I hate knowing so early that Im pregnant, will be the longest 9 mths lol

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    Mar 2008

    I just got back from the doctor's but it was all fairly inconclusive!! I had a blood test, will get the results Thursday. I also had a scan done, she said I have a 5 wk sack but couldn't see anything else. She also said it was "lower" than it should be. Im not sure what that means... So I guess all I can do is wait, I've now been bleeding for 9 days red w clots and cramping... How long before a heart beat shows on an ultra sound? When do they do another blood test to compare the levels?
    Any sticky vibes would be much appreciated because this is my only chance to have a third little person if I lose this then that's it... And it's sooooo wanted ) Thanks

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    Jul 2008

    sorry i can't answer your questions but just wanted to send loads of your way.