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Thread: Bleeding & Scared @ 5wks

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    Default Bleeding & Scared @ 5wks

    Hi, I haven't been on this site for almost 2yrs... since conceiving my son.....
    but now I'm back, I;m so upset and didnt know where to turn to, so i thought of all the fantastic members on bb.

    I found out on Sat morning that i amm pregnant, and was completely over the moon, we've been trying for 6 months.
    Went to the Dr's yesterday morning, she sent me for blood tests to confirm everything, but told me that i am due mid Feb 09 and i will be 5 wks on Wednesday (tomorrow).
    Everything was fine till yesterday at 1.30pm i went to the loo and found some spotting, so i called my Dr and she said that as long as there is no pains and it doesn't get any heavier it should be ok and it quite common. also told me to call her if it got heavier or pains to call her back.
    over the afternoon and evening it was still just spotting and no pain, but i started getting upset, thinking the worst and telling my DH that our baby was gone.
    (i think i was freaking more because my first pregnancy with my son was excellent, it was just like a text book)..

    this morning was when things turned worse, i woke up and went straight to the loo to see if there was anything on my liner (sorry tmi),
    and then clear thin blood just started streaming out, into the loo...
    i started bawling, called my dr, she said that it most likely sounds like i am misscarrying, and we have to wait to get the blood test results from yesterday, they should be in today, if my levels are still up i will repeat the tests tomorrow morning, but if they are 0 then its definately gone.
    So I've been laying on my lounge since first thing this morning anxiously waiting for 2.45pm when i can call for my results, i did have pains on my left side this morning but not for long and they were bearable.
    the only time i have left the lounge has been to go to the loo 2 times and each time i have lost blood in the loo.

    So my question to all is, do u think i am definately misscarrying or do u think i can still be carrying the baby...
    i'm so worried and comfused...
    sorry it so long everyone, i appreciate ur time..
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    Sorry I have no answers for you but just want to give you a Hang in there must be a very long wait I know...

    I hope for the best for you...

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