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    Hi there guys!

    Just wanted to know if anyone has ever had a laparoscopy to unblock a fallopian tube. I recently had the procedure done- and dr unblocked it. He said it was mild but as yet have not fallen preg (4 months).Just wondering if anyone had a successful preg after this procedure?

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    Hi Kim mum! She had 2 laparoscopies and after each one fell pg within months, first with my sister, then my brother (she had them because she was having trouble conceiving again - she wanted babies close together, it didn't work out that way but she got the 3 babies she wanted in the end). Hang in there...maybe if there's no pg in a couple of months, consult with the GP?? Good luck.

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    I had a laproscopy, Hysroscopy and D&C in Sep 05 for investigations to why i wasnt falling preggers and I then fell pregnant early Jan 06 so i dont know if that helped me get pregnant! But Goodluck lots of for you!

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    Thanks Guys!

    I think im just being a little impatient!

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    Hi Kim,

    I have a blocked fallopian tube and was still able to fall pg with one blocked. I only found out it was blocked when i had an ultrasound done at 6wks pg. Not sure what they will do for me as i have to wait until the baby is born.

    Good luck and i hope it doesn't take much longer for you to fall pg.

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