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    Default Blood pressure question..

    Hey Ladies!!

    Every appoinement my blood pressure has been 120/70 .. and today and yesterday i wasnt feeling well, so i went to a local GP (who could hardly speak english) and he checked my BP and it was 136/86 and he said that was normal..

    Im sure he would have told me if it wasnt, but i guess i just wanted to double check..

    is it normal?

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    When i was pg and had trouble with my BP they where only worried when the bottom number went close 90. Some doctors wait till it goes over 90 to be worried. I have a history of PE so they worry about mine after 35wks.

    If you are worried about your BP get it checked out at the hospital just to make sure everything else is okay.

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    Hi Mizzsocial

    1 High BP reading does not realy mean a lot. Just the stress of feeling unwell cand send your BP up, and trying to understand the GP you went to would not help. If you dont have any other symptoms like very swolen hands/feet, headache, blurred vision, or sopts/ zig zags in front of your eyes, you should be OK. One last thing to consider is if the doctor took your BP correctly.

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