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Thread: Blood test results!

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    Default Blood test results!

    Why is that when you we have trouble TTC, once you finally do you think your pregnancy is doomed....
    I have been quite the worry wort over the past few weeks and I was really nervous about half an hour ago when I was walking to my GPs office to get my BT results. He did a whole host of tests so I have everything to give my OB at my first appointment next week.

    Anyway there was good news I think. My rubella immunization is fine and my HCG level is 136300. Does this sound right??? I also had other stuff like Hep and HIV and Syphillis and that was negative too thank goodness

    Oh and I found out my blood type...probably should have known this before but I didnt. Its O positive. Is this a common one???

    Thanks Gals,
    Tink x

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    Tinka, there is a beta/HCG data base for early pg google the beta base (I think). I think a little bit of worry is only natural. Best of luck, and congratulations. (I think o+ve is common, what is your DP blood type re opposing rhesus factors?}

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    Hi Tinka,

    I'm not sure about the levels etc yet either myself, but I just wanted to say that I am feeling the same at the moment. We worry so much about trying to get pregnant and then when it finally happens we are scared something is going to go wrong. I want it to hurry up so I feel a bit more relaxed!

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    Hey Tink! Congratulations on your great results O+ is the most common blood group, something like 40% of the population have it. So I guess it's a good one to have! LOL

    And yes, the worry is completely normal. I've been a major worry wart since becoming pg. Just hanging out for the 12 week scan and that everything is ok! Hopefully you can stop worrying now and start enjoying your pg


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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!
    I fell pregnant while on the pill and still worried that something would go wrong.. still do even now! Yay for O+.. im O+ too. Yeh 40% supposibly. As hard as it is.. just try and stay positive.. theres no reason why because you had trouble TTC that you cant have a perfect pregnancy and beautiful baby

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