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    When does your blood volume increase? Would it be pretty much straight away? I'm only 4 weeks but when i was taking out my earrings one of the holes started pouring out with blood but i didnt hurt it. Ive done worse and its never bled. So thought it could be because of more blood?

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    Tegan -congratulations BTW - hoping this bub is very sticky.

    It is unlikely this is related to pregnancy - actually the fluid volume goes up. It goes up gradually not right on the 4wks.

    Maybe just a coincidence - and it was near a little blood vessel. Though pregnancy can make mucous membranes (nose) more likely to bleed and gums too.

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    I understood it was more around the 2nd trimester that there was significant increase. I read about it coz I wanted to know why my headaches got so bad around weeks 14-16. But I don't know for sure!

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