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Thread: bloody mosquitoes

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    angelique Guest

    Default bloody mosquitoes

    Hi chickies,

    I am litteraly getting eaten alive by every mosquito that comes my way!! Is there anything you can use to drive those buggers away from your body that is not harmful to the baby?

    I am at my wits end and itchy as hell!!

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    Angelique, you might find this topic from a few weeks ago interesting. I think that insect repellants are ok in moderation.

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    danamax Guest

    Default Natural Repelant

    Hi angelique, I found a lady that makes natural repelant can use on baby, she is from cairns and they are eaten all the time So I bought some its $12 a bottle lasts forever, email me and I will email you her details

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    my dad's friend in QLD used to make up a repellant using brown vinegar, baby oil and detol. It worked quite well from what I recall.

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