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    Sorry about another new thread guys,but this is bugging me and wondering if anyone else are having the same symptoms as me....

    Ok in the space of 25 minutes this morning,i had 4 Braxton Hicks Contractions and they were really tense and felt slightly uncomfortable,as some of you know,i am currently 30 weeks tomorrow.I phoned the labour ward hoping for some answers and she simply asked me if iv had a show and if its painful to which i replied NO.And when she asked if this was my first pregnancy and i answered saying it was my third,she laughed,but i replied saying the reason i phoned was because i couldnt remember having Braxton Hicks this much in my last pregnancies.

    She said that if it continues after an hour to go in so that they can monitor me. But to be honest having a 2 year old it was hard to go in and knowing id be there for maybe a few hours.But on and off all day its been strong and now again tonight its been every 10 to 15 minutes im getting them and again uncomfortable.I couldnt walk too well in Tesco just before coming home tonight as i felt like the baby was going to fall out and particularly heavy and low that i had to hold my stomache up.Just wondering if this was normal and if you guys have had the same experience.

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    [url=]Labour Signs - Could I Be In Early Labour[/url].

    I had no Braxton Hicks with my first, then I had some with my second, only when we were moving house and I was lifting boxes. Take it easy, and if it was labour, you would have no hesitations going in I am sure
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    I know everyone says BH's aren't supposed to be painful, but I find that mine are pretty damn uncomfortable. I get an ache in back and belly and feel everything tightening - it's very different to labour contractions though, not the same sharp pain but certainly not "painless" either.
    I had them with my DD and have found them worse with this pregnancy. I think they tend to get stronger with every pregnancy you have.
    Try drinking some more water (dehydration makes them worse) and taking it easy - sounds like you were out and about today - but if it doesn't help and you're still feeling uneasy by all means I would go get checked. But it does sound more like BH to me?
    good luck.

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    Yuck - I had lots of BH's as well with my first, and I found they alsways piped up after I had been doing too much - cleaning, running around, lifting heavy stuff etc. They got more and more painful towards the end.
    I guess just keep an eye on your other symptoms. If you start feeling like its all quite regular and intense, it would be worth going into the dr, but you should know when something real is happening with your previous experience!
    Have a nice hot shower and take a load off.

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    Thanks guys,i will see how it gos today,got them lots during the night too.But maybe im just unfortunate and its something i have to put up with. But i do feel better in knowing im not the only one and the advice thats been giving to me has helped.

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