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    OK.. so far I've not had any real problems with my bbs. They haven't been tender at all, but they have grown a fair bit (hence the stretch marks underneath!!). The nipples have darkened and got bigger. My question is, one of my nipples is getting little nodules on it. It's hard to describe, it's almost like tiny little flaps of skin or something, you could almost pull them off! This is also the boob that leaks the most at night. Are these little bumps/nodules normal? They're right in the centre of the nipple. My nipples used to be small and smooth and flat... so I've no idea what's normal!

    I actually got around without a bra on today, and I think the t-shirt rubbing on it made it really sore. I put some cream on it and put a bra on this evening, and it's stopped that burning feeling.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Not everybody gets these little nodules, or skin tags, but they are not uncommon. I got them in my first pregnancy, but not in the 2nd or 3rd. It's quite normal, it's just hormones doing weird things to your skin.

    The darkening of the nipple and aureole (sp?) is also perfectly normal, and most women WILL experience this. The aureole will probably continue to grow as your pregnancy progresses, I have seen women who have it covering 50% of their breast whilst breastfeeding - although it is unlikely that you will end up with that much colour! It does gradually go away again after you stop b/f, although your bbs will never be quite the same again.


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    They sounds like skin tags. I already have them thanks to PCOS, but not on my BBs. On my tummy mostly :roll: They are very annoying, but I have read that the ones you get in pregnancy go away when you're not pregnant anymore. If not you can have them removed.

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