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    i have just brought a BRITA water jug which filters tap water. it mentioned in the booklet that people with kidney problems shouldnt drink it because it can slightly increase the potassium in the water. do you know if it is ok for pregnant women to drink? the booklet didnt mention anything about pregnant women so i am assuming it is ok.

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    Ha I didn't even think that might be an issue Hollo, I'm a bit boy-like in my not reading manuals

    I looked on the net (which I know doesn't necessarily make this info gospel) but I could only find sites/articles recommending filtered water (such as Brita) and the Brita UK site had a section on drinking water on pregnancy, so...assuming it's probably ok.

    But I read that you need to make sure that you're changing the filter every six months or whatever it is, so you don't breed bacteria.

    Give them a call if you're really unsure!

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    Arrrgh I hope it's ok because I have been drinking out of ours all along! (And at least 2.5 to 3L a day in the last few weeks!) :shock:

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