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    hi everyone, just a quick question, more for curiosity than worry. i have a bit of a belly now but have noticed that it is sort of lopsided. it seems to be slightly larger in a small area on the left hand side of bellt near belly button than on the same part on the right hand side. is this normal or just me having a wierd belly?

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    kirsty Guest


    Hollo how far into your pregnancy are you??

    What you have described sounds like where your uterus/ womb is positioned in your tummy. When bubs moves your uterus/ womb moves with it, so if bubs changes sides then your tummy will get a bigger look on one side more than the other.

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    It is very normal to be lopsided, especially the further you go, as where bubs spine is lying is usually hard and full, whereas arms and legs are softer IYKWIM!

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    thanks for your replies. well i am almost 18 weeks. wow, if its just the baby thats pretty cool, i never even thought of that. not sure if it is though as my tummy is still small enough that it cant be seen wearing my work uniform. thanks girls.

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    sonsangel Guest


    I would say it is normal too. My DS was laying transverse (sideways) for alot of the pregnancy even up to 32wks. After I had him my tummy still bears the shape of him - lopsided to the right. Not sure if it will ever improve by itself, maybe this bub in my tummy now will correct it and favour the right side, lol.
    It's not a big deal and every time I have a shower I think I will mention it to my dr, once I get to there I forget.

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    Yeah my baby kinds of sticks to one side as well. When I lay down and feel my belly I can actually feel that one side is soft and empty and the other side is hard and full of baby

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