thread: bumps on larger ladies...

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    paradise lost Guest

    bumps on larger ladies...

    Well, I am trying to be quick ladies so forgive me for being brief!

    Basically I notice my belly is strange these past few days. It isn’t so much a bump, just that I can’t seem to hold it in anymore! I am 8 weeks today, and can’t even really feel much “in there” when poking about in on my tummy.

    I am pretty overweight about 18 kilos or so, but I am tall (181cm) so I don’t look more than chubby. That said I have about 2” spare fat between the muscle and the skin on my lower tummy, less over my upper tummy/ribs area. It just seems so hard to hold it in, like normally I hold my tummy muscles firm (not like, tight, but you know, not all loose either) but I just can’t seem to this week. Also even when held in it seems to stick out more than before.

    It is like being bloated without the “bloated” feeling. Surely I can’t be showing already!?

    Any other heavier ladies with bumps out there? Is this how the baby-bump starts?



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    Platinum Member

    Nov 2004

    I was about 10kg overweight when I got pg and showed very early. We were looking for twins at an ultrasound at 9 1/2 weeks and I was in maternity pants early. So you may be showing at 8 weeks. I remember starting a post just like yours too.

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    Custardtart Guest

    I started bloating around the lower stomach before I even knew I was pregnant, this time around - and I'm carrying a few extra kilos too.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    that sounds about right. even before 'showing' i could definately tell that like you said 'you just cant hold in your tummy any more'. but prob not enough for anyone else to notice iykwim?


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    angel_eyes Guest

    My belly has definitely popped out over the last few weeks.

    I'm a few kilo's heavier than I should be and find that I can't suck it in now.

    I love the baby bump.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    I found that I sort of lost control of my tummy muscles which I guess is what you are saying that you "can't hold it in anymore"... I'm average weight for my hieght, but I had a definate bump from my tummy muscles being slack at 9-10 weeks and was in maternity pants at 11 weeks.

    BTW - where in Scotland are you? I love it over there, was in Edinburgh a few years back and it felt like I was "home"!

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    I noticed early on that I couldn't hold my tummy in either plus my clothes became tighter sooner, esp with this pregnancy.

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    Mumof42B Guest

    Hi, I am 10weeks & 4 days today. This is my 4th pg and have'nt lost all of the tummy from the last. BUT .... yes I started to show at about 7 weeks and today I saw my SIL who is 18wks pg with twins (she's very tiny - thin & short) and I swear my bump is bigger than hers. Standing up it feels like the uterus is behind and pushing everything out but lying down Im sure I can feel the uterus.
    Take care

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005


    Please dont throw stones at me or anything, but i read (and have always thought) that the placenta does not start to move above the pubic bone until 12 weeks, therefore how can we be showing at 8,9 weeks etc when its just our tummy, not our baby?

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    paradise lost Guest

    THanks for all your comments ladies, glad to know i'm not the only one!

    From what i can FEEL my uterus is still low down there, i can feel the top of it but it is not high enough to be pressing forward, just up against my intestines.

    Turns out i WAS a bit bloated but i am now finding i am most days. It is annoying as i get up and i have a little tummy i can JUST hold in, and by the end of the day my waistband is digging in and i look fatter!

    I went shopping last night and got 2 long wrap-over maternity tops for £10, so i am well-chuffed and wearing one today. It hides my tummy nices at this stage and is very adjustable so it should fit me right through (unless it is twins!).

    I am in Glasgow Dee, so opposite coast to Edinburgh but i pop over there a lot as i have friends there. In fact i'm supposed to be going over tomorrow but feel like i will be too knackered. The friend i will not be seeing is unaware of my pregnancy and is the sort to moan and boss when let down so i am dreading telling her! LOL! Maybe i'll see how i feel... I was actually born in England but lived in Scotland since i was 5 so definately feel like it is home. There is a running joke in my family (who all live in England again except me!) that i can tell you with my eyes shute when we cross the border into Scotland - it just feels like home.