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Thread: calling all pregnant ladies with twins

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    Default calling all pregnant ladies with twins

    Hi Ladies.....

    Let me tell you a little about myself,i have been married for 21yrs this August and have 4 great looking kids 2 boys and 2 girls.I had another little boy going back in September 08 but he was a premmie and died
    I had my tubes clipped after my last bub in 1997 as my doc suggested it would be the best as i have 4 kids already well i had it done and regreted it ever since.Come March 08 i couldnt stand it any longer i wanted another baby before i got to old so i took up IVF and thats were i had my premmie he was only 20weeks when he was born so a touch to young.After having him i bleed for a good 2 months and then needed a D&C as i had after birth in me still so there i was without a baby and still suffering.I went in for another 2 frozen transfers and kept getting negatives so i got desparate i had only 2 embryos left and i begged my doctor to allow me my last 2 put in and only because i had to put on a cry he gave me the ok,so i thought YES im in for a chance this time because i had 2 so come blood test day it was positive and my levels were sky high i was over the moon just to finally be able to move forward.Anyway come scan day at 7 weeks they found 2 little embies i was sooooo happy because my whole life i have wanted twins so here i am now 8 weeks pregnant and just so happy.
    I go in for another scan on Friday the 17th i will be 9 weeks i really cant wait.
    I would love to hear other peoples stories and become buddies.

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    barney Guest


    firstly congrats on the twins hun.
    im not pg with twins but will be doing my first fet next month,hope im as luky hun
    good luk with your pg

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    Hi Smithy.....Thanks heaps yeh it sure feels like i have been double blessed
    I really hope you finally get a BFP this time around also,going through IVF is so stressful but i have faith in IVF and without the help i sure wouldnt have been able to get pregnant whatever it takes just dont give up thats all i can say.You know when i kept getting BFNs it made me sad but i quickly changed my brain to think hang on im going to challenge this and im going to win,so i sort of got mad and didnt want to settle with BFNs.All the best ok...

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    barney Guest


    oh thanks hun

    i just went and found this for you i dont know if you already know about it
    thought it might help
    good luk ill be watching out for you

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