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Thread: Can fluid retention be avoided?

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    Question Can fluid retention be avoided?

    Just wanted to find out if there is any thing that I can do to assist me in not looking like a blowfish by the end of my pg!! LOL!!

    With my first pg, my face became so round (along with the rest of me!) but by 5-6wks post pg I had lost it all. But someone who met me 6 wks before I had bubs didn't recognise me after at first (after losing my 'moonface' roundness!)

    ..or is this just one of those special things I'm going to have to put down in my memories book....."The time you could've put me on my side and rolled me down a hill!!"

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    My doctor suggested drinking heaps of water - she said the more water you drink the less you retain, so I've been doing that and I've noticed it makes a small difference. I've also heard you should avoid salt but don't know if that one's true.

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    Good question Charlyfrog My sister had it really bad with both her pgs and at 25 weeks it looks as if I am heading down the same path. I also have the moon face thing going on :eek: and have a school reunion in a week (missed the 10 year one) and really not looking forward to it!
    I asked my Dr last week about avoiding it (how to) and he couldnt give me an answer other than to maybe ask a chemist.

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