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Thread: Can I eat seafood at 12 weeks!!!

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    Amelia Guest

    Red face Can I eat seafood at 12 weeks!!!

    Please feel free to move this need be!!!

    Its my sister in laws birthday...Her 30th so we are all going out for dinner but it is at a seafood buffet restaurant!!

    So my question is ..... If it cooked like prawn cutlets crumbed and deep fried and stuff like that can I eat it at all?????


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    Hi Amelia!,

    i think they say not to eat seafood that is undercooked as they say with other meats.

    Here is a list of some meats, poultry and fish to avoid while pregnant:

    Hot dogs
    Deli meat
    Under cooked meat like beef and chicken
    Ready to eat cold seafood
    Raw eggs and raw egg dishes
    Raw seafood, especially shellfish

    but if ur not sure about eating it, then maybe get something different..the restaurant should have other stuff? hth

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    Not meant to have deep sea fish because of mercury levels i think and undercooked or raw seafood. Im sure prawn cutlets as long as they looked cooked would be fine. Just be sensible in what you eat

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    Yeah i always avoided buffets and def ones with seafood....u never know if the temperature is high enuf etc.....

    Is it all buffet or can u ask for cooked meals too....if u can id be doing that....or perhaps ask if u can change where you sure they'd understand why??

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    Amelia Guest


    I have asked to change where to eat at but they didn't want too so I think I will get Subway onthe way there!!!!

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    thats not overly understanding of them is it?? well i hope u enjoy ur subway atleast

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