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    Jun 2005

    Can i have an 9wks

    We're going public, but cant stand the wait anylonger in terms of seeing our lil bean. Am i able to have an ultrasound now, at 9wks, even though im going public?
    What are people's reasons for having one now, and not at 12 weeks. Obviously i would need a referral, and know the dr will ask me this question.
    If people are having one before 12 weeks, does that mean they are also having another at 12 weeks?

    Sorry, just reading so many posts on people at my stage having ultrasound, and damn it i cant wait anylonger now either.....

    Thanks in advance.....

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    You can have one done privately. I went public with both my boys, but my u/sound at 6wks (with kameron) was done privately as the hospital doesn't cover them before that unless it is really necessary. Just go to your doctor and ask for a referral. I said I was unsure of my dates (which I was)


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    May 2003
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    Yep, just get your GP to refer you to a "Gribbles" or "Bensons" place.......

    As Kathryn says, just tell your gp you are unsure of dates etc.

    You can have one now, and then still have the NT Scan at 12 weeks (the one that looks for special markers).

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    Jun 2003

    I am going for a "dating scan" next week. So I don't see why its a problem, just ask your GP.


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    Cynthaz Guest

    I had one at 7 weeks. It was so reassuring when the heart beat came up on the monitor.

    You probably won't be able to see too much though. All I could see was a round "blob" thing. It was actually moving a bit which was unexpected. But don't expect to have any pictures to show the relatives!

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    Melinda Guest

    Like the other girls have said, you can have an ultrasound provided you get a referral from your GP and get it done privately.

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    Sar79 Guest

    Hi Mbear,
    I am also 9 weeks and im going for a dating ultrasound on Thursday as my period would go from 28 weeks -38weeks. I am also bboked in for a 12 week NT scan with bloods....

    I would say to your GP that your not to sure on when you would of conceived....

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    Mar 2004

    I didn't realise that dating scans had been take off the medicare schedule!!! Does anyone know when that happened? I mentioned it to my Dr and she told me that now they only do it if there is spotting etc. She asked me if I had any spotting and I know that if I'd told a teeny little lie she would have given me the referral but stupid me blurted the truth instead (the Dr looked so suprised lol). I'm wondering if they have only been taken off the schedule recently or a while ago because last year I got a refferral straight away but I was seeing a differant Dr then. I changed Dr because my old one was really hard to get an appointment with. I'm happy with the new one but if the old one bent the rules a bit and gave me the scan referral without any medicare approved reason I mught just pay her one more visit.

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    May 2004

    As the other girls have said just ask your GP for a referal. I asked mine the other day and he had no problem. He did tell me once that they can't refuse you a pg u/s if you ask to have one done!!!

    I will also be having a 12 week u/s done too for the nuchal fold test to be done.

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    Oct 2004
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    I had one done publicly (and bulk-billed on Medicare) from a referral from my GP. I had some cramping and then ultra-light smearing though.

    Seriously though, if you're ultra stressed about everything being fine and the baby being ok, just discuss with your doctor. They aren't keen on you being too stressed understandably so some caring drs will give you a referral just to put you at ease.

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    Mar 2005


    Hon just wanted to say if at any stage at all you feel unhappy or worried about your pregnancy then do anything in your power for your reasurrance, it's your body and bubba, and I fell that if it's explained like that, they really shouldn't have a problem with it, HTH .xx O

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    Jun 2003

    Well I had my scan today, and even though it was a necessity (from the bleeding) it was still not bulk billed. It cost me $127 something, and only $50 something of that I get back. My first scans with paris were bulk billed, and they even bulk billed my 11 wk scan cos she was really nice. But I doubt they'll do that for me this time The only reason I would think the 12 week should be done at 12 weeks, is perhaps to get a more exact measurement of the nuchal fold, but if you are happy to pay for both I don't see why it would be a problem. Check with your Dr, and see if there are any medical benefits of having one rather than the other.



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    Jun 2005

    Early ultrasounds

    We had our first ultrasound with this pregnancy at 5 weeks and 2 days! It was to confirm the pregnancy because the tests where they test your wee were coming back very faint.

    I had no bleeding, spotting or anything and I knew my dates were accurate.

    There was absolutely nothing to see on the scan. It was too soon for a heartbeat and all there was was a very small circular blob and somewhere within that was our baby too tiny to see.