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Thread: can't sleep

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    Unhappy can't sleep

    Went to bed at 10pm tonight, felt great, a little tired, now I'm wide awake, getting a lot of pressure down low, frequent braxton hicks and peeing every 5 minutes!!!!!
    I tried having a long hot shower, it worked while I was in there, just sat under the water for 20 min, but once I was out couldn't relax. Wish I could have a few wines to knock me out, but I've been good this long without it, don't wanna do that just yet

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    skorpy Guest


    wine mmmmmm oh i wish too.

    But I know how you feel.Night times are a nightmare and im awake more then I am asleep.Choc attacks,pee attacks, kick attacks.

    I am starting to wonder if this baby ever sleeps.I am so tired during the day ,its unbelievable.

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    Sleep - or lack of - I can't agree more - it is my major gripe at the moment - I go to bed about 10 pm but then I am wide awake - then try the spare room and the couch to see if I can sleep there - toss and turn all night and then 6.30 am in the morning major construction work across the road starts happening GRRR - this is my last week of work so hopefully I will be more relaxed after this.....

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    I've had stages like that too. In fact I'm having a sleepless one ATM. Last night it took me ages to nod off, then I couldn't go back to sleep after toilet visit #2 so have been awake since 3:30am

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