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    Question Car Seat Question

    I have a 2 door Holden Barina and we are not sure if we are going to be able to afford to upgrade our car, but everyone I talk to freaks when I say I may have to put our little one in a two door. :eek: Can anyone tell me if they used a two door car and honestly was it that bad?? I need to know what I have in store for me or if I can make do for a few months before we upgrade? Or if you suggest biting the bullet and changing cars now.
    Thanks heaps
    DD: 13-02-07

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    Hi Christie, We didn't have a two door but I imagine it would be a bit more difficult but manageable if that's what you need to do. Have you put the seat/capsule in the car yet? I hear that one of the problems can be that the straps take up a lot of the room in the hatch so it can be difficult to get a pram in as well. You might what to check on this before you make a final decision. Good luck!


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    Hi Christie,
    I didn't have a 2 door car with a newborn, but I did have one with my son who was 2 at the time, and a pg belly. I can tell you it was a hassel trying to get my son out of his carseat, even without a pg belly.
    I cant imagine having a newborn in a 2 door car. I am sure you will chose whatever is best for you and your family

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    My XSIL has a 2 door car and has her baby in a capsule. She says it is a pain in the butt, but she manages.


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    I'm the same CHristie - I also have a 2 door barina and DH has a 2 door echo. We've decided we'll have to probably trade in his echo for a 4 door car... don't know where we'll find the $$ though!

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    We had a 2 door car as one of our cars when we had 3 small children. The youngest at the time was still in a capsule and we managed.

    If thats all you have to work with at the moment, you will work it out.

    Its not as hard as it looks and sounds to get them in the back in a capsule.

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    We had a 2 door car with Evan from newborn up till i was pg with Glenn. I didn't find it any more a hassel to put bub in the car then I did having a 4 door.
    The only problem you may run into is the car seat actually fitting in the car while in the rear facing position. Was a tight fit for us.

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    We were using a 2 door with a new born and a toddler until very recently. It's a PITA getting a baby out of a capsule in a 2 door but its doable. If its possible for you to get a 4 door it would make your life much easier.
    I had a c-section and for the first month I had to get DH to get Imran out of the capsule because I couldn't do it.

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