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Thread: Cervical Effacment at 28 weeks

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    Irena Guest

    Default Cervical Effacment at 28 weeks


    I’m wondering if any one can answer this question for me, im a little stressed out and could use some advice.

    I’m 28 weeks pregnant, and in the last few days I’ve been feeling pressure low down in my cervix, like bubs is trying to push her hands out or something.
    Yesterday after work, whilst walking through the supermarket the pressure was really intense, my bladder felt like it was going to explode and my waters were about to burst. I was scared to take an extra step.

    In the evening, I got my husband to feel for my cervix (I know it sounds silly) but I have a history of preterm labors, therefore, I get him to check it if I worry. Anyway, during the check up he said, wow its gone really soft in there nothing like last week, then he pushed he’s figures further and said “ what’s this?, I feel this thin membrane, like paper and I feel the baby head just above it, it feels like the shape of a head and is hard as a bone”,

    As you would, I freaked out, how can he feel the baby’s head? What happen to my cervix? I did some Google research and it sounds like my cervix is 100% effaced.
    If this is the case, am I about to go into to labor? Is my cervix preparing to dilate already?

    Help needed, really stressed out.

    Me: 27
    Hubby 28
    DD 02/07/98
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    EDD 21/07/06

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    I think I would be going to the doctor if I were you!
    I don't think that's normal at 28 weeks....I'd get it checked out, esp with your history. I hope it's ok.

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    Irena Guest


    Thanks for the advice, I rang the midwife and she suggested I come in for a check up if im worried about it. I guess I just dont want to look stupid ( being number 3 and all) .

    Thanks again.

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    sonsangel Guest


    Wow, I hope things are all ok, i'd be taking it very easy from now on. I know easier said than done with 2 other children.

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    Irena Guest



    Thanks for the replies, I went yesterday afternoon and I felt like a total idiot afterwards. The doctor on duty at the time felt for the baby's head and said that is in not engaged therfor my cervix cannot be effaced in anyway.
    He said that he will not do an internal but if i want he will use a spectrum to look in. So he did, and that hurt bad, i was in soo much pain. He just kept on saying breath im almost done.
    Anyway, after that he said all ok you can go home.

    The midwive said that the pain in my cervix is probably electric shock, the baby pressing on a nerve or something.

    I just wanted to get out and wished i never went there in the first place.
    I still have the pain in my cervix, and heaps of pressure when i walk, it scares me.

    I'm also suffering from SPD, which means my pelvic joints are causing me heaps of pain when i walk, and the support belt pushes my tummy up making it difficult to walk, by night time i cannot move.

    Sorry about the whinge, I feel better just telling everyone how much im sick of this pregnancy already.

    Thanks for listening, have a good weekend. O

    Me: 27
    Hubby: 28
    DD: 02/07/1998
    DD: 01/10/1999
    EDD: 21/07/2006

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    oh Irena ouch! I had hip pain in pregnancy but nothing like SPD. IKWYM about feeling silly but its better to get it checked out than to have to live with the worry... I'm glad to hear that its okay and hopefully you can get some help for that pain!

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