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    Just wondering if anyone has recently had their bub circumcised, i am due in July and my husband has decided that he would like our son to be like him and have it done..... However I am finding it very difficult to find a doctor that will do it, and also finding out exacltly when the best time is to have it done, I have been told anywhere from 3 days to 1 year. I have asked my OB however he has advised that he does not do it, so he is no help either... I am in Melbourne, so can anyone suggest where I can get more info or a good doctor that can help us..

    Thanks for your help, and yes we have thought about this and we know all the good and bad points...


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    there are a couple of threads on this - a mod can probably post a link to one.

    they get a bit feisty though from memory..

    I think about 3% of boys are now circumsized, and there are definately fewer doctors doing it, and those who are will not always consider 'looking like dad' a good enough reason (not judging anyone, its their view not mine) to do it.

    Usually the most common age I've heard for non-religious reasons is at least 6 months, as they prefer to use a general anaesthetic.

    I think pregnancy and birth mag. ran an article on it last year

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    Hi - we saw Dr Hershel Goldman at the Hampton Park Medical Center and he was fantastic.

    I thought I'd put this on this thread as it's a lot shorter !


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    Just locking this thread, please continue in the one Jillian mentioned.

    Thanks guys

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