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Thread: Colds during Pregnancy

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    Question Colds during Pregnancy

    Hi Everyone,

    My NY's pressie to myself is a head cold! I've tried so hard not to get one while pregnant but it's caught up with me!

    I haven't taken anything (panadol etc) for the headache/bodyache/nose that runs faster than a tap - not really too sure on what I should be doing here.

    I've got my 30week appt at the hospital tonight but I thought I would seek advise from all of you while I sit around waiting for 5.30pm!


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    Natty, all you can really do is take panadol and use vicks or even set up a vaporiser or something similar. Buy some alow vera tissues, so your nose wont get so sore from blowing and just hope that it passes soon.

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    If you dont want to use vicks you can use the baby balm cream too, it is mild enough for babies, and i used it earlier in my pg. It is like vicks but smells nicer as it has some other ingrediants added. You can buy it from the supermarket..

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    Thanks everyone! Got some vicks - think that will help!
    Trying to eat as normal but I'm not really hungry - just don't want to deprive baby of food

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    Hi babe
    Sorry to hear you have a cold for the new year!! but HAPPY NEW YEAR just the same!!

    When I first fell pregnant i was suffering the worst sinus and horrible headaches... my doc told me that I could take panadol and/or panadine when the pain and head aches and sinus got really bad.
    So I would take panadine when going to bed to help me sleep....
    It didnt bother my munchkin bum at all.... he was so healthy and happy when born.... i think most of all you have to make sure you or your body are not under stress or the baby will get stressed... and panadol helps HEAPS!
    buggaluggs scored a 9 when born so I dont think it bothered him at all!



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    I used a eukalyptus vaporiser and that really worked for me - so much so that DH, the most sceptical person I know, ended up making one for himself a week later when he still had the bug and I didn't! Ha, and I'm the one with the lowered immune system!

    Moisturised tissues are also the way to go - I always get those in when we have colds to stop DH reverting back to horrid hankies.

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