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    Talking Communicating

    Last night i was laying flat in bed rubbing "Palmers Coco Cream" on my belly, after massaging it in, i then started running my fingers along my belly. When i stop after about 10 mins, Bubs started kicking me really hard like he/she wanted me to do it again. So i did and stopped and bubs did the same conintuously. It was so funny and these bumps i could literally see popping out and Mark my partner was just so amazed at what he was seeing. It was the best experience it was like we were comminicating.
    Any body else felt this around the 20 week mark i thought i would be too early for that but i am only 21 weeks.

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    That is great!!!

    A friend of mine's DH was rubbig her belly in circles and bubs was following his hand with kicks...

    It's amazing!

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    Aww that is so sweet. When I was pg with Declan I would rub my belly, stop and he would start kicking but as soon as I stopped he would start kicking again.

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    Its the greatest feeling having that connection with bubs huh. I just love it i was trying to get bubs to do it again last night but Mark told me to let him/she rest! so bubs started kicking me at 2 this morning Made me nearly wet my bed FULL BLADDER

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    That is so cute.
    I had something similar the other night with bubs.. he'd put a full on kick out, like it was a whole foot, then id push back in, and he'd do it again, then i pushed, then he kicked and that went on for a minute or so.. DF and i were in hysterics.. it was such and awesome thing.. our lil one, as yours, is the awesome thing

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