thread: Confused over due date?

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    Exclamation Confused over due date?

    When i found out i was pregnant i knew exactly when i last had af so my due date was the 22nd of may.
    At my first scan according to my dates i was 8 wks and the scan showed exactly the same.
    I had my NT scan today and i was 11wks+5days by my dates but she changed my dates to be 12wks+1day.
    So does this mean that i ovulated earlier then i thought( which is disspapointing as we tried the whole shettles method to concieve a girl) and i know that its no guarntee but thought it was worth a try.
    Or could this also mean that the baby is a bit bigger then normal?

    Hope this makes sense
    thanks for you help Nikki

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    Bub might just be a bit bigger. With DD1 I was given 3 dates - 11th 12th & 13th April, but she didn't come til the 20th any way.
    With DD2 I was given 29th May - MIL 40th from the Doc, then the 25th May from Ultra sound, but she didn't come til 5 June.
    With this one I worked out 10 March myself, then the doc said the same & so did the 12 week ultra sound. But I had my second u/s on Thursday & it said the 6 March. I assume its coz the baby is bigger - Great! The dates with the Doc will still be the 10th, But I'm going the 6th now, coz it means I'm a few days further! I dunno if I'll go over again or not though.
    Stick to the first one as your first day of your last AF is supposed to be more accurate because babies do come in all different shapes & sizes.

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    Mine have been shifted about a bit for all 3 og my PG's but by the 20week u/s they were pretty much back to where I had figured out.
    They use statistics and measurements to "guess" the age of the bub. I don't know if genetics plays a role. I assume it would.

    I worked out my EDD for Caleb to be August 13th then the u/s put him back to Aug 9, then it was Aug 10, then back to Aug 13 again

    I tried the shettles method TTC a girl too and all the going over in my head and was the timing right really messed with me for a while I understand your anxiety about the matter.

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    The earlier scan is likely to be more accurate - well, that's what my OB told me anyway. I think bubs is probably just a bit bigger than average - it is all based on averages anyway. Growth rates change. I'd stick with the original date.


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    The dating on the ultrasounds is based on the measurements of the baby at and then used against an average size for gestational term. My last set of scans have 4 dates on the one day. My dates had it as 15w4d - BPD made it 15w6d, HC made it 15w5d, AC made it 16w0d and EFW and Fl made it 16w1d. So there is anything up to 4 days difference based on the one scan.
    I remember reading somewhere that the accuracy decreases as they grow, so I agree with ticklish use the earlier scan dates

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