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    Hi everyone,

    Hoping you can share your experiences of constipation and bloating. I often get stomach pains that I believe is because of the constipation/bloating but of course worry that it isn't sue to something else. The pain goes all around the tummy bottom and top, sometimes it feels like there is pressure in there. It comes and goes. I have had my 12 week u/s but still worry about these pains I get. Before getting pregnant I have always had bloating issues and have had a sore tummy as a result, I've just never had such a reason to worry about it before!
    I'd really appreciate it if you could tell me the type of pain you have and how often. is there any way to tell that it is simply constipation and bloating? When I heard the bubbly noises in my belly than I know what it is, but othewise its hard not to stress especially as I've had a m/c before.

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    I tend to get bloated as well, usually later on in the day, and often if I've eaten a bit too much, too quickly, lol! I get an uncomfortable feeling - not too painful, I suppose, and it goes away by the next morning. I guess if you're worried, talk to your midwife or GP, but if the pain or discomfort is like you had before then I can only think that's what it is. On the other hand, maybe it's BH? But this is #1 baby for me, so I couldn't really tell you what they feel like Sorry can't be of more help.

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    Usually for me it is a dull pain low in my belly, but there were a couple of times earlier in my pg that I felt some sharper pains - I think they were wind pains.
    I know that pregnancy can have this effect on us, but it really is possible to combat it with fluids and fibre - you don't have to suffer! I find that if I have something cereal-ly in the morning (porridge is a goodie) and a salad element to lunch, and drink a couple of bottles of water each day, I'm running like a train without any probs. Hopefully you can overcome your tummy pains and get on with enjoying your pregnancy. xx

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    Hi Girls,
    I am 17 weeks and suffering quite badly from bloating and gass. It gets worse in the afternoon, and feels like i am SO full that I can hardly walk! At night I don't sleep very well due to the gas floating around and the feeling of indigestion.

    I too have always suffered from mild bloating, but this is alot worse.

    Usually its gone by morning and my bump is back to where it should be! in the evening i look alot further along.

    I try to drink alot of water throughout the day at work, and have toast for brekky, usually a salad sandwich or roll for lunch and a meat dish for dinner. I also love fruit, but have found that grapes are just unbearable!

    Anyone else have this? it is really starting to get to me, i was up around 6 times last night going to the loo as i was being woken by the bloating.

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    I havent really had constipation, but I have had bloating earlier on in my pregnancy. It wasnt particualrly painful for me, but just more uncomfortable and icky feeling. I had bloating pretty much always, but more so later in the evening. I dont really get it any more unless I have had too much to eat or too much to drink.

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