thread: Cost of pregnancy and birth

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    Jan 2007
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    in short - because you have so much info already I'll just share my basic costs.

    DS1- $0 i was a public patient and only paid for medications that i needed pree birth.

    DS2&3 - app $500 but we had to pay for specilists my OB didn't have a gap so HCF paid for almost everything.

    I was lucky.

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    Mar 2008
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    hey there!

    like the others have mentioned it is so important to feel comfortable where you birth. i truly think that coming home to have your baby is a feasible idea and has been done thousands of times before.
    when we lived in Fiji many friends flew back to Oz to have their babies in Brisvegas. generally they would fly out at about 35 weeks and stay with family etc then DH would fly out later to be there for the birth.
    in my close friends experience this worked out fairly well as her DH was able to stay for 2 weeks post birth (and 2 weeks pre-birth). then he flew home and she followed 5 weeks later.

    is there anyway that you guys could take an extended leave so that you can both be in oz for a bit longer before and/or after?

    good luck with it all and wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!