thread: Cost of prgnancy

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    Ok, i must be slow because i still dont get it.

    So I can have my own ob (my gp is also an ob), but have baby in public hospital? And are all obs private, or are some public?

    If i had private ob and baby in public hospital, do i still pay the same as if i had baby in private hospital?

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    Thats Ok Karina, i'm still confused a some of the finer points myself... I recomend asking the receptionists at you obs, cos they know all the ins and outs.

    My obs works publically and privately. If you go into a public hospital as a public patient you get whatever obs is on duty. If you go in as a private patient (i think you don't pay bed costs, but i'm not sure about this one), i know i was told i could request my obs at the Royal womens, buti still ahve to pays my obs fee, which is like $1700 on average I think.

    Be careful about asking about the medicare rebate, because they recently just changed the threshold, so i'm not sure how much you can claim back and when..

    I don't think you pay nearly as much to have a baby in a public hospital, even as a pirvate patient with your own obs, then in a pivate, but once again it depends on your health insurance, the obs, the gap in the hospital fee and what the health insurance will cover etc etc...

    Even if you are a private patient in a private hospital, it doesn't mean you will get your own room (norm depends on hospital and avaliability) - my dad and my FIL both recently had opperations and both times didn't get private room (well, my dad did in the last 3 days of his stay)..

    I can't tell youhow many times i've called my health insurance asking them qns so i'm 100% sure about what i'm up for.... I recomend doing this, and writing down who u spoke to and when, cos sometimes they give you different answers

    All the best...