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    Default cot question........

    just wondering.......

    i cant remember with my DS as it is nearlly 7 years ago i cant even remember yesterday at the moment. im sure i had a bumper put around the inside of his cot???? i found it the other day and washed it all up, but then i started to think back and realized i may have only used it for 2 weeks or so as i was so petrified of too much in the cot. so i cant remember whether i used it or not........?
    what do you guys think? at the moment i just have a mattress with a plastic protector and freshly washed cot sheet thats it, as i was told by someone less is best and im sure thats all i ended up having with DS, but i do have the bumper if i need it..what do you think?
    im a bit out of the loop its been 7 years....
    love tG

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    Personally, I wouldn't use a cot bumper due to SIDS. Less is best. I have the same as what you've got, mattress protector, fitted sheet on the mattress, and a flat sheet to go over her.

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    Bumpers are not recommended due to SIDS safety...
    However I know of people that have used them when their baby was older (over 6 months) to stop them hurting/waking themselves when they begin to move and bang into the cot sides.

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    Yep... I wouldn't use a bumper either until the baby is older.

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    cool i will pack it away then. so much can change in 7 years its really opened my eyes this timearound all the changes. thank you for your help.

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    I got a nursery set that came with the bumper for the top and a pillow case, it doesnt make much sense eh? I was thinking of using the cot bumper though and tying double knots so it can't come down, also I will be making Noah up at the bottom of the cot and he will be swaddled so I don't think there will be much danger in SIDs for him that way, or am I thinking wrong....

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    I have just started using my cot bumper in the last 2 weeks, my daughter was at a high enough risk of SIDS without adding to it (she has sleep apnoea) but now she doesnt like to be swaddled as much, and wakes herself by bumping herself on the sides of the cot, its helping her settle, as she's not scaring herself by smacking the sides as hard... if my ramble makes at all sense!!

    i put the pillow cases away (never used pillows until i was getting them ready for their own "big" beds) but i've found they now come in handy, as i got given some brand new pillows by a friend who didnt use them, and at daycare i have to supply my own, so i just leave them there!! Keep all the stuff, it'll come in handy one day...

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    Sarah - I think one of the big concerns with Bumpers and SIDS is the baby wriggling/rolling into a position that has them against the bumper that they can't get out of and causing self suffocation. Which means that tying the bumper so it can't come down may not be a solution.

    The idea with bumpers, pillows, doona's etc is for them to be avoided until baby is able to get themselves out of trouble they find themselves in when rolling over etc.

    TG - I'd avoid the bumper hon. As nice as they look! I've got my eye on one for when I'm ready to put one in!

    Love MG

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    i had a look at the airwrap, its a viable solution, and only about $50, so its not really expensive either.

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    Fraser Guest


    I was just looking at this because Charlie is rolling around heaps in bed at the moment - and where the air wrap will stop him getting his legs stuck - will it stop him hitting his head against the bars - I generally get woken up to cranky screams because he has rolled around and has his head up against the bars.

    do bumpers work - I'm at the end of my tether with this at the moment - am functioning on 3 hours sleep this morning and am a little all over the place

    I just want to know if people have had success with using bumpers with roll all over the place babies

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    I hate the idea of bumpers as well, but when we put Jack in the cot at beginning of Jan the first night we were up and down all night helping him untangle his arm, he sleeps on belly (has angel care breathing monitor) and managed to get his arm out one and in another slat, so he went staright back into the bassinet, till airwrap arrived I got it from pram warehouse, under suppler page at airwrap main page ($49 with postage)

    it is the best thing I have come across although not SIDS council approved, it is soft and totally breathable, he has had great night sleep since

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