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Thread: Could I be pregnant?

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    Zara Guest

    Default Could I be pregnant?

    Hi all, I'm new to these foums so I'm not sure if im posting in the right place.

    I have a few questions about the early signs of pregnancy. I had my last period on the 16th June, although this is not when it should have been, im on the pill and it was supposed to arrive about a week later. Whilst still on the pill the bleeding continued for 2 days, so i decided to stop taking the pill and 'have my period', with the aim of starting over. I was off the pill, or in the inactive phase for 7 days after this, commencing them again on the 8th day. Over the last two weeks I have just been feeling off, whenever I eat i feel sick (initally i though this may be due to food poisioning or somthing), i then got a yeast infection (never had one before) and my breast have become all sore in the nipple, kinda like they are bruised and ultra sensitive, a towel brusing over them hurts. I thought that this may all be due to the pill, though in the two years i have been on this brand of pill i have never had any side effets like these. Last night i had a mild case of heart burn (never ever had this before) and then got all queesy and threw up...very unexpected.

    So I am wonding if I could be pregnant, even though I am on the pill... oh i should add in here that I have been on antibiotics as well, for my skin, although i have been on them for about a year now (dioxycycline) Is it possible that the pill I have been on for the past two years may suddenly become ineffective and that sometime between my last period and now I have concieved and implanted? I know i wouldn't have implanted yet if my cycle was on track, but is it possible that ovulation and implantaion have already occoured? How long do you think before i can test and get a true result?
    Replies would be greatly appeciated!

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    Sorry, but the only thing I can suggest is a HPT 28 days after your last period, that is from June 16th
    I don't know if there is a way to tell any earlier.

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    Sal Guest


    Zara, not sure but those symptoms could be early pg ones. If you stopped taking the pill and restarted it, there is a chance you could be pg, so perhaps stop taking the pill until you get a proper period, or a positive pg test.

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