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    Hi All, i am at work, so i have to make it quick. i am now 11 half weeks preg-yahooooo...

    Just wondering is anyone getting lower back pain, i had to get my back massaged by my accupuncurist/herbalist yest, she claims it is just ligament stretching and has given me some back excercises to do. I am also getting a lot of stretching /cramping in the pelvic region, is anyone else getting this. i have had 2 scans, one at 7.5weks, and one at 9w 3days, which showed strong heartbeat, so i think all is ok still, next scan is nxt week, cant wait..

    Still have the odd yukky nauseous taste, but comes and goes..

    oh well, better go, so glad to see so many are now coming into the 2nd trimester, i cant wait til nxt week when we hit the 12week mark.. will do personals when i am on my home computer for i dont get caught....

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    The stretching/cramping is very normal. The cramping seemed to settle down for me around 12 weeks, but the stretching goes on

    I was takling to a physio yesterday who told me that lower back pain is not normal in pregnancy and that if I was having it in the future I should go back in and see her. This surprised me because so many people complain of it you would think it was just a normal part of being pregnant.

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    Thanks Kylie. after suffering 2 m/cs in the past , i worry that this one wont work out, thanks again...

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