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thread: Cravings

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    Jul 2006

    The only craving I have had has been in the last couple of months........lots and lots of milk! Normally I can only drink soy milk, but ATM I am going through 4 litres of cows milk and one of soy milk a week!!!!!! Oh, and I'm hanging out for blue and goats cheese, but I don't think that's a craving, it's just cos it's been soooo long LOL!

    I don't think I can blame my chocolate cravings on pg, cos I always have them hehe.........

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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    I have usually had similar cravings with all my pg's. Mainly oranges in the later part of pg, milk (ice cold) the whole way through the pg and with Lindsay I craved strawberries for the first few weeks of the pg. I have more food aversions than cravings. My biggest one is broccoli - can't stand the smell of it cooking or the taste of it. With Lindsay and this pg it is really bad - the smell of it cooking makes me gag and I cna't even eat veges that have been cooked in the same saucepan as it, but with the girls it wasn't too bad.

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    Oct 2004
    Outer Eastern Subs - Melb

    Ice, Ice and more ice. With both of mine, but it hasn't kicked in yet. I don't really get other craving apart from ice, although i've been wanting to eat lots of fresh vegies - either raw or cooked. I think that's just because I like vegies though!

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    Jan 2007

    Every day - Im surprised I havent put on more weight with the amount I eat!
    For someone who ate chocolate once a week if that, prior to being pg - I now think about what chocolate I can eat after dinner, while Im still eating my main!! mmmm

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    Oct 2006

    chocolate, solo and maccas chicken burgers are my main ones haha how healthy am i???

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    May 2005

    fruit has been a major craving both last pregnancy and this one.

    last time i started craving icy cold fresh full cream milk, from about 14 weeks onwards (i would go through two-three litres a day and if the bottle had been opened for more then two days i couldn't bring myself to drink it). i don't usually like milk.

    and in the last month or so of my last pregnancy i couldn't get enough chocolate. everything had to be chocolate (even my milk).

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    Dec 2006
    Rural Vic

    OMG Kellxx!!! Where are you getting the Dr Pepper! It is my fave softdrink that I miss from home and I have been craving it heaps, well that and cinnamin chewy and reeces peanut butter cups and butterfingers and skor bars, maybe I should be getting a ticket to Canada.

    My cravings are not too far off the style of emz vacumm which I also enjoy the smell of. *Turps when I do my oil painting although I have removed it from my house until after I give birth.
    *Rubber, both the smell and taste, like putting my tongue on my hot water bottle to get that tang from it and smelling Juz's new shoes, I won't put my tongue to them though.
    *The smell of the nursery because it was painted a month ago and you can still smell it.
    *The smell of cigarette smoke but only a slight hint of it and it has to be burning at the time, I have a major aversion to the smell of smoke in hair and clothes and in pubs.
    That is the strange cravings...
    *I agree with the ice
    *raw tubular spaghetti noodles
    That is all I can think of for the moment, now I will go stick my head in the ground because I feel like a freak, I can't wait until the weird cravings go away.

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    Jul 2006

    Some of those are just plain weird! More so to me, coz I've had none and no food adversions.........

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    I was only pg for a few weeks but had major cravings for lasagne from a particular restaurant.

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    Aug 2004

    creamed corn on top of vegemite - that is gross!!! LOL I haven't had any wierd ones, I am not really into food at all this time around, hate the thought of anything! My biggest craving this PG has been solo early on which has now matured to coke! Id on't normally drink that much soft drink, but I haven't been able to get enough of it!!

    The milk one seems pretty common, I wonder if there is a reason for it

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    Dec 2006
    Rural Vic

    I drink 3 litres of milk every 2 days, maybe we drink it in preperation for breastfeeding as all our calcium goes to our breast milk and we lose bone density until we stop breastfeeding?

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    Jan 2007

    I love my milk but have had no other cravings.
    Although, I went to the markets yesterday and they had a stall there selling corn on the cob. Had to get me one of those suckers! With butter and garlic salt...yummo! Have been fanging for another one ever since. They just don't taste the same when I do them at home.

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    Dec 2006

    in the first trimester I went off most foods...could only stomach fruit, salads and cereal

    second trimester I've been craving heavier foods

    chocolate (love a spoonful of nutella)
    biscuits (especially Arnotts Venetians )
    Gaytime icecreams (but I've always been addicted to them)

    I try to go easy on the not-so-healthy foods

    cheezels and popcorn...but the popcorn in the plastic bags at the video store

    also baked potatos with baked beans and cheese, cottage cheese and spinach on toast, spagetti napoletana with fresh basil (yum), mashed potatos, creamy pastas, homemade pancakes, bananas, seedless grapes

    my oh my I've made myself hungry

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    Jul 2006

    With DD:
    * Passionfruit
    * lettuce
    * mangoes
    * smarties
    * milky ways
    * ice
    * apples-mainly for m/s

    This time:
    * passion fruit
    * mangoes
    * Pineapple lumps (the choc lollies)
    * pizza

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    Feb 2006
    Perth WA

    I think I have the same amount of aversions as cravings. I HATE the smell of diesel fumes. If I am driving along behind a truck I have to put it on re-circulate cos it makes me gag. Cigarette smoke, ladies perfume, fried food, and petrol fumes all make me gag as well.

    I am enjoying milk at the moment, and have the occasional urge for pineapple (normally when there is none in the house). I am not a chocoholic, but have had periodic cravings (and binges) for chocolate. I love raw peas and potato - peeled of course. I kind of just go with the craving when I have it. If I want butter on my toast (which I haven't had for years) then I would just allow it. I figure as long as you don't get carried away it is probably what the body and bubs wants.

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    Ellibam Guest

    with makon
    i craved Salt so i had salty mash spuds with bacon and gravy!! mmmmm

    last week i was craving chicken schnitzel parmi!! i had 5 in 7 days but it cured me.

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    Weird Food Cravings.

    I was telling Bec before, well more like asking when the weird cravings start.

    Well since yesterday I have had an urge to have Doritos and Ice-cream, together.

    Just wondering if any of you other lovelies out there have experienced anything like this early on??

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    Aug 2006

    LOL Tamara! That is gross! hehehe.

    Nah, fortunately mine have been fairly normal - apples (helped when the m/s was bad and i didn't feel like eating anything), hot chocolates, and a really BAD one for McDonalds fries!! Can't get enough of them, I think about them all the time! Funnily enough though, I've gone right off their burgers, can't eat them.

    Early on with my DD it was fruit juice, fruit and milo and chocolate - which was weird for me cause I NEVER used to like chocolate, not much of a sweet tooth. This time I can't stand it.

    So are you going to try it?? Go on!! LOL!

    **ETA I just noticed you guys are calling your bub Bubble too! Too cute.

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