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thread: Cravings

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    Aug 2006
    On the other side of this screen!!!

    In my first PG it was salt and vinegar chips and ginger beer...not really strange at all.

    This time around I can't get enough of processed cheese squares - disgusting really but I'm crazy for them! Also went through a patch where I had to have cherry tomatoes, celery and gherkins. Now it's just the processed cheese...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2007
    ...not far enough away :)

    Not that strange, but I craved coffee of all things!! it's usually the one thing that people can't stand the smell of.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    I never went off coffee and still enjoying a couple of cups per day (decaf though).

    I craved salt and vinegar chips and then tuna and cheese (I would slice cheese and put tuna in a bowl with vinegar and eat them together).

    I also craved hot lemon drinks for a while there. My Bubba Girl is a savoury baby though for sure.

    Twisties were another favourite and cheezels

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    Aug 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Earlier on in my PG i would make a huge platter of fresh fruit and then cover it all in milo *lol* that was my brekkie everyday for a few months, now i just eat boxes and boxes of gourmet choc chip cookies.

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    May 2007
    Brisbane, Australia

    Anything really hot and spicy - I'm talking HOT HOT. And an average of 4 chocolate Billabongs a day....can't be Paddle Pops, DH is aware of this when I send him on a Billabong run. I suppose a good thing is they're supposed to 97% fat free.

    Is there a pig emoticon anywhere...I need one!!

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    Feb 2007
    Taylors Hill

    i keep having cravings for hawiaan pizza, and unsure if i can eat it when its delivered, but other than that ts salt and vinegar chips and honeycomb chocolate bikkies!!! yes together!!! and strawberry jam!! the st dalfour stuff!! spensvie but cdamn good!!!!

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    May 2006



    Don't really have cravings. (kinda bummed about that, I was really curious if I would have any and what they would be)

    The only interesting thing is that I like the occasional (decaf) coffee, where as I never drank coffee before!

    For the rest I love salmiac flavoured licquorice, but I am afraid thats not pregnancy related!

    at the beginning of my pregnancy I couldn;t really stand sweet things, now I have to remind myself to stay away more often, but I always did have a sweet tooth!

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    Apr 2007
    SE QLD

    I had a thing for lemon softdrink... had a stage where I couldn't drink enough milk, then anything with dairy in it tasted off - milk, icecream yoghurt! Eventually, the main and longest lasting craving was Lido Lemonade. Cheap and nasty but thats all i wanted!

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    Just adding to our cravings thread....

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    Aug 2007
    Melbourne - west

    My cravings....

    pine and lime cordial (Cottees - its new), tastes like a pina colada but without the alcohol!

    egg on toast/baked beans/cheese slices


    sausage mcmuffin from McDonalds

    I am normally a chocoholic, but haven't had much choc. cravings - mainly savoury.

    Craving steak actually but haven't had it yet.....

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    SueB Guest

    In the first Trimester it was Garlic bread and lots of it i ate it for brekky lunch and dinner, Second trimester it has been bananas , from the banana lollies to banana mlikshakes, i have just noticed that i have gone of bananas and have strated to crave sweet things especially chocolate ... hehe walked to the shop at 11pm last night for a crunchie

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    Billy Ocean Guest

    Ham and strawberries - TOGETHER! Also, mustard, banana and cheese sandwiches...

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2007
    Melbourne - west

    Had a craving for Mcdonalds cheeseburgers after work, I bought two.

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    Jun 2007

    What was your unusual craving during pregnancy??

    I used to crave sand!! Dp use to boil it up, dry it out, and i use to munch on single grains... the thought of it now makes me squirm, but back then i couldnt even sleep until i had my fix...

    What did you crave??

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    Mar 2007
    Surrounded by kookaburra's laughing

    hi katnap, this wasn't mine, but a friend craved vicks vapourub, funnily enough she used to joke that her son has never been sick
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    Sep 2006

    Oh my goodness... The worst thing I crave is Iced Coffe.... I should give sand a go.. LOL

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    Oct 2004
    Outer Eastern Subs - Melb

    Ice, ice and more ice! Cant' get enough. It goes about 4 days post birth for me though

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    Jul 2007

    Wow sand. Well the only thing i am craving at the moment in Heinz spag in a tin on toast yummo. DP makes me it for breakfast in bed on Saturdays. hahahaha i am already thinking about tomorrow morning. Will let you know if i crave anything else

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