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    ok so i have been getting indegestion sooo bad it feels like i am having a heart attack or something... like someone is reaching in just below my chest and squeezing whatever muscle is there so hard its gonna snap!!! nothing seems to get rid of it ive tried all sorts of chewable things with no relief and the liquid stuff just made me vomit (which i might add still did not relieve the indegestion)... this really gets me down when i get it because there is no relief for hours upon hours, it often keeps me awake at night and i don't know what to do... i don't eat spicy or heavy foods and to be honest i am scared to eat now!!! yesterday after having a horrendous night the night before all i ate was a spagetti toastie, four crackers and a banana and i am worried thats not enough for my baby!!! (i didn't get indegestion though) so i guess apart from wanting to have a winge i just wanted to ask has anyone got any other ways of relieving indegestion or preventing it would be even better!!! coz i find that all the methods that are supposed to make u burp - soft drink or mylanta liquid etc just make me throw up thanks for listening

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    Noni, you could try some gaviscon etc before you eat, to try to neutralise the stomach acids before they can build up and start the indigestion?

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    Go to the Doc and get a script for Pariet, I suffered 24/7 with heartburn reflux and indigestion since 20 weeks and it just got worse and worse over time. I started taking 2 times the recommended amout of Gaviscon on top of Zantac and it still didn't get better so I told my Doc and he gave me the script and now it is distant memory. I will not wait that long my next pregnancy. Best of luck hun and don't wait too long for relief.

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    thanx guys

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