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Thread: Day care planning already...?!?

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    Default Day care planning already...?!?


    My mum commented to me the other day about pre booking day care soon. Due to delays within the system, if I book soon, to get ready for when I head back to work, then I'm guaranteed a position for bubs when/if I need it.

    What does everyone think?

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    Hi, it all depends on what the policy is with the day care centre your applying too and what's available in your area. Most day care centres have waiting lists for full time care which is Mon - Fri 6am -6pm but even if your on the waiting list other families may get priority depending on the circumstances. I don't think there is anyway you can guarantee a place at child care. You just have to keep your fingers crossed that when the time comes the places are available. My daughter is in an ABC daycare centre 2 days a week which specialises in babies from 6 weeks to children up to 5 yrs. Daycare centres don't normally take babies less than 6 weeks old, and most have definate age limits eg 2 - 5 yrs only etc. The ABC centre that my daughter is in is a defence priority centre meaning that children of defence members get priority access over the general public. It's probably best to contact a few centres in your area and find out how long their waiting lists are and what they suggest to you. I know with my daughters day care centre they only accept 8 children a day into her class, so if all 8 places are full for every day of the week and no children leave during the year then you won't move up the waiting list and will need to apply again for the next year if your child has moved up into the next age bracket and will need to attend an older class. I hope this helps a little bit.

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    Hi Katie
    My husband and I have booked our baby in for day care starting in 2008 - the baby isn't arriving until the 20 February. We live in a country community (rather large) and there really isn't any shortage of day care places, but we've done it just as a precautionary thing - to ensure a place. Despite the fact that I would love to be a stay at home mum, it just isn't going to happen that way.

    If you have a day care centre in mind, maybe you should go in there and ask them what they recommend.

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    I would book in as soon as you can. I dont know about your area, but where we are, the waiting lists are all longer than 12 months. Most are around 18 mths where we are in sydney.

    I think its a good idea to call the centre you like and if their list is long, book in before your baby is born, and if you decide you dont need it anymore you can call the centre and tell them.. but if you dont book in early it might take a really long time before a spot becomes available.

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    I booked Nina in for 2 days per week when I was 6 months pregnant, to start this week.

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    I think these days it doesn't hurt to shop around to find a centre you like and put your name on a waiting list. SOme of them do have a fee though which is annoying. Also when you do find a centre you like it does pay to ring every couple of months and let them know you are still interested. We rang our centre every 2 wks and got a place within 2 mths. Also it pays to visit a centre more than once and at different times just to make sure that it is what your really want.

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    This is our first, and there is only one city council childcare centre - we're on the waiting list which is currently 12-14 months. So bubs would be around 9 months old (best scenario) when places become available. We've been on the list since around Mid-December.

    Needing to look at more childcare places!

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