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    maggie Guest

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    Hi all

    When did people start buying clothes and furnishings for newborn?

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    Hi Maggie,

    Most of the furnature for our bubba we're getting from my sister but my parents bought us a new pram when i was around 15 weeks and clothes we didnt start buying until we found out the sex of our baby at 19 weeks, when there where sales on, as we wanted to buy either "boys" or "girls" clothes. Newborn nappies we bought before we found out as theyre unisex but otherwise we now have everything..

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    Well Maggie, I reckon we'll get going after the second scan (next week) which is at 20-21 weeks.
    Still haven't decided whether we'll find out the sex so who knows about clothes, being my first, and first grandkid for both sides, and lots of lovely friends and rellies, I might not have to buy too much straightaway

    Am starting to get the urge to decorate baby's room (am sure DH will move his drum and computer stuff out of there ANY day now) and will pick up a cradle from rellies around June.

    But yeah, it's around nowish that I want to get going, because I don't want to rush near the end. I read to make the big purchases during 2nd trimester if you can, just because you'll have more energy for pram research, etc.

    Anyway, that's just me, others might be different, but all the best!

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    maggie Guest


    Wow, you girls are organised, i am 22w, and only bought an outfit, but have had things given to us. so getting there.. may go this w.end buy things.

    Guess i have just been too nervous, and thinking is this real , are we going to be parents.

    But hey i guess we better get our backsides into gear, sept will be here before i know it...

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    We weren't going to buy anything untiol after 20 weeks. We already had a few outfits and stuf from previous pg's, but no big stuff.

    I went to a baby shop with a friend at about 16 weeks and decided that as there was a sale on lots of the stuff we wanted that i would put on a massive lay by... so it's all waiting!!! We will pick it all up in the first week of july (I have some holidays) so I will decorate then!!!

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    DoubleK Guest


    clothes wise i started buying not long after i found out (6 weeks) i did layby's at Kmart when they had 15% off storewide, or % off kids clothing, i laybyd everything from clothes to nappies and wipes.

    the furniture we didnt start buying until about 24 weeks, in fact we are picking up the change table layby today! then we have everything!

    but yeh, i have bought clothes up to size 1, so we're pretty set for the next year at least! and my mum has bought a heap of things and i also had a baby shower!


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    Im all set to go Ive been waiting for this for awhile and the best advice I got given was its never to early to start stockpiling. Most of the clothes and sheets etc my Mum gave me and I bought over the past 2 years, the big stuff we started buying once we were pregnant.

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