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    I have a capping (composite filling) on my tooth that needs replacing. It is on the end of my front tooth. I am 9 weeks pregnant and not sure if its ok to get this done or not. I asked my doctor and she was a bit unsure and said to check with my dentist. I phoned the dentist and they said it was fine but I'm still a bit worried. It will involve drilling away the existing composite filling and then putting a new one on. It may require anasethic (but it may not). Any advice?


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    It's fine hun - just double check with the dentist when you are there that the numbing stuff is safe for preg - i think nearly all are these days anyway.

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    I had work done when I was pg and it was perfectly fine. I think the only thing they can't do is do x-ray on you. It's better to get it done now rather than wait until you are further along in case you get uncomfortable sitting for long periods.

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    I think the major issues with dental work while pregnant is xrays and whitening. But as the other girls said, double check with your dentist to be sure. Good luck with the filling, they're never much fun are they!

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    I had my wisdom tooth removed when I was 6 weeks with this pg. I had the xrays before I was pg and then fell pg and had it removed.

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    My dentist told me that they prefer to do non-urgent stuff in the second trimester.

    The reason, he said, is simply that if they do something in early pregnancy and then the pregnancy miscarries then they risk being blamed and sued. And if they do it in late pregnancy and the baby comes early they also risk being blamed and sued. He said there is no clinical reason not to do stuff at those times, the reason is more to do with their insurance costs.

    I think that's really sad, actually.

    I had a checkup but no work done (cleaning + fluoride treatment only) when I was 5 weeks pregnant (actually the day I got my BFP), and a filling replaced a few weeks ago, at the end of 2nd trimester. No problems with any of that.

    Actually, pregnancy can be bad for your teeth and gums, so it's a good idea to check them checked up early on anyway. My OB asked me, on my first visit, whether I'd had a recent dental checkup.

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    Hi, it's perfectly safe to have minor work done whilst pregnant. If the dentist needs to take x rays then they will put a big apron on you so that the radiation of the xray isn't able to go anywhere near the baby You just need to make sure that they know your pregnant and how far along you are.

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